Deal with a bad cell signal

Deal with a bad cell signal

Are you tired of missed calls? Do you suffer from bad cell connection?

If your answer is ‘yes’ this article is for you. If you don’t have such problems either way you will find some useful information here as well.

Why the mobile signal is weak?

There are a lot of answers to this question today. The strength of the receptions depends on many factors such as cellular network architecture, quality of services, building structure and so on. You can also have a problem of dropped calls because of your electronic device that has a damaged antenna, for example. If the building you live or work in has thick walls it can be the cause of a bad reception as well. Moreover, the house can be made of such structure materials that block radio waves. There is a poor mobile signal in the rural and inhabitant areas as a rule. As mobile radio waves don’t penetrate the earth effectively you can have bad connection to the network on the street or underground as well. There can be a bad mobile signal in some places in the city because of obstructions such as big buildings or trees. If you’re driving you may face up the bad connection in some areas where mobile zones change.

How to improve mobile reception?

1 Try to find a place with a better reception. If there is a weak signal inside the building you just need to go outdoors or try to find a better connection near the windows. A strong signal in the street can be found near towers or nearest intersection. If you are staying in an inhabitant area you should move to a place with a better connection in the nearest town or city. At the time of driving it’s better to stop and have a talk.

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2 A good way to improve a cell signal is to upgrade your mobile phone antenna. You can have the better antenna installed on your device. Also you can buy a new cell phone with high-gain antenna.

3 Install AnyTone mobile phone signal booster inside your house or office if there is a bad cell reception here. This tool pick up a low mobile signal, boos it and broadcast it over the coverage area where you need a better connection. You can install it inside the building or on the roof as well.
4 Use AnyTone cell phone GSM repeater for car  if you’re driving and have a trouble with cell signal when the zones change. It will provide a better connection at the time of your road trip.

5 Try to change the mobile network provider to a better one that gives more options and better connection. Don’t hesitate about your phone number as most operators allow transferring it without changes.

Poor cell connection can become the main cause of many problems and these easy ways out will help you to use your mobile phone properly without missed calls.

Have a good talk

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