Which Celebrities Meditate Regularly?

Meditation is a great way to ease stress and it allows people to feel more relaxed and at peace with their thoughts and feelings. Considering their chaotic lifestyle and stressful activities, it is no surprise that celebrities are embracing meditation. In case you are curious which celebrities meditate regularly, we have a list for you.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is not only practicing meditation but in 2011 she also invited meditation teachers at the studios to lead meditation sessions for the entire company. After a period of time with meditation sessions at the beginning and end of the work day, Oprah’s coworkers were more relaxed, slept better, did not experience headaches anymore and also were happier in their personal lives. Since then, Oprah practices meditation every day and talks about the benefits of being still and recognizing that there are things more important than us, our jobs and our lives in the universe. This awareness allows people to be more relaxed and to have more energy.

Tina Turner

As a child, Tina Turner was a devout Baptist but as she grew older she turned to singing mantras to deal with loneliness and sadness. Later on, she embraced Buddhist meditation when she was struggling to leave her abusive husband. Tina Turner feels like her body and subconscious are connected during and after a meditation session and this is why she considers meditation a life-support practice.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is another celebrity who turned to meditation when she faced relationship problems and she continued the practice through her battle with cancer. According to her, meditation helped her slow down and enjoy her life more without feeling like her life is running her.

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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman practices meditation to let go of everything and to calm his OCD. Since the actor endured an intense training regime, not to mention a very strict diet, during the preparation for X Men, it’s safe to say that meditation really helped him to stay focused and calm.

Richard Gere

The Pretty Woman actor is an advocate for meditation saying that Buddhism helps him to ease the stress of producing movies, to meet his deadlines and to not stress over financial pressure. He is a close friend of Dalai Lama and a dedicated Zen Buddhism student.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry started meditation to make peace with her dead father. During her life she was not able to forgive the abuse she and her family suffered because of her father and she did not have a relationship with him.  After practicing meditation for a while, Halle Berry was able to make peace with her past and to build a relationship with her father during meditation sessions.

Russell Brand

This might be surprising for most people but the charismatic and energetic comedian, Russell Brand, is very familiar with Transcendental Meditation. He sometimes leads meditation sessions in a yoga studio. The reason he loves meditation so much is for the serenity and calmness he feels after a session and for the fact that his mind is calm and relaxed during the session.