Top Most Alternatives to Facelift Surgery

Top Most Alternatives to Facelift Surgery

Nowadays, several top most alternatives to a face lift surgery are available. These alternatives are also cost efficient and healthier depending on your condition. However before exploring the alternative options it is advisable to discuss the reasons for which you are looking for a face lift with your doctor. Below are discussed some points relating to various alternatives that are available for facelifts.

You can find out about several methods that give the same results as what offered by surgeries. There are plenty of alternatives available which do not involve any surgeries and are even less costly and less risky too. Few such alternatives are botox, chemical peel, skin crèmes etc.
1. Consult some skin specialist or doctor to find out about some skincare products which diminish signs of ageing. Your doctor might refer you to a well known dermatologist who can help you find the best products for your skin. Some such products require a prescription too.

2. There are quite a few over the counter skincare products which are also designed to relieve the damage caused to the skin due to sun and heat. These products minimize the appearance of ageing and wrinkles.

3. Find out about Botox procedures as well. They are highly popular these days. The Botox injections enhance the appearance of the skin for up to 4-6 months. Botox is made from a drug which is also responsible for a type of food poisoning. When it is injected they paralyze the nerves and muscles in the face which contract the appearance of wrinkles

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4. There are some nonsurgical procedures also that rejuvenate the skin complexion and reduce pigmentation, like chemical peels. A chemical peel usually takes place by applying a chemical solution to the entire face or the affected area which results in the top layer of the skin to peel off leaving behind a smoother and new skin layer. However a chemical peel should always be performed by good dermatologists who have an experience in this field as it is a sensitive process.

5. It is very essential to follow the post peel requirements suggested by your skin specialist. The skin becomes highly sensitive for a few days after the peel so maintaining a system to protect the skin has to be followed. Avoid the sun for a few days as it makes your peeled skin prone to tanning.

Tips & Warnings

Shopping for a Facelift

• You need to learn all the risks and chances that are common to non-surgical and cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries are less invasive than a face lift but some amount of risks are involved

• Cosmetic surgeries are highly popular all through the world. Ensure that you do a proper research on the surgeries before going ahead with it. Also make sure that the doctor performing these surgeries are well trained and experienced professionals.

• If you want a face lift surgery due to low self esteem then it is better to consult a psychologist or a good counselor to figure out the emotional issues. A good dermatologist would also advice you to take help from a counselor first if your reason for a cosmetic surgery is due to an underlying emotional and psychological factor.

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