Apps To Help You Ghost Hunt

The job of paranormal investigators is easier than ever due to the many ghost hunting apps that can be used. Ghost hunting is still an exciting activity that requires a lot of exploration and time invested but with these apps that can be used on mobile devices, the activity will be less demanding and more enjoyable and rewarding. Ghost hunting apps gained a lot of popularity during the last years because the exploration of the spirit world is such a fascinating activity that attracts people on a regular basis.

Ghost Detect Pro 


Ghost Detect Pro is an iPhone app that can be used by professional and amateur ghost hunters and it utilizes a color-changing graphic that reacts to environmental changes and irregularities.

According to the app’s programmer, Ghost Detect Pro is the only app that captures photos of ghosts and in order to detect paranormal activity it uses some of the quantum physics mechanics principles.

Those who want to keep in touch with other ghost hunters via social media can share the pictures taken by the app on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ghost Hunter M2

ghost-hunter-m2The programmers say in the iTunes description that Ghost Hunter M2 is “The Number 1 Paranormal Investigation Toolkit”. The tool uses many types of detectors, recorders and instruments to analyze and investigate the paranormal activity and it allows ghost hunters to perform in-depth investigations. The app is easy to use so it does not matter if you have prior ghost hunting experience using additional tools.

Ghost Radar Classic 

ghost-radar-classicGhost Radar Classic is a free app that can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users who want to start investigating all activities that have the potential to be paranormal. The app not only gathers data, it also interprets it and if offers indications when paranormal activity is detected. In order to do this, Ghost Radar Classic measures sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields.

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iemfiEMF+ is another free iOS app that help you ghost hunting and it is indispensable for those who want to study the anomalies that interfere in the electromagnetic field. The app has many settings that can be personalized to fit the needs of any ghost hunter, such as: Ambient Mode – a setting that allows users to block the Earth’s ambient field; Simulation Mode – before you use the app you can test it; display readings in Guass or Tesla with magnifications and scaling option.


boo-alertBooAlert is yet another free iOS ghost hunting app that analyzes the electromagnetic field to discover any anomalies. Ghost hunters can screen shot their display and they can share their discoveries on social media or through email.

Ghost Communicator

ghost-communicatorGhost Communicator is a radar developed for amateur ghost hunters who want to communicate with ghosts through various signals sent by the phone. Through the same advanced algorithms that allow users to send messages the app can also receive messages from the ghosts. This app has mixed reviews on iTunes but most ghost hunters can find it useful if they give it a chance.