What Is CELTA And How Can It Help You?

What Is CELTA And How Can It Help You?

A CELTA qualification is recognised in many countries around the world and once gained it will enable you to teach the English language to many different people from all walks of life.

CELTA is short for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and will equip you with the necessary knowledge to successfully teach mature students, give you a wider variety when searching for employment and a distinct advantage over others when applying jobs.


A CELTA qualification is not only widely recognised around the globe but, in many countries, it is actually demanded by potential employers. There are many interesting countries that you can visit and work in that demand this qualification, among these are Thailand, Japan, South Korea, many Middle Eastern countries, Australia, England and Wales. The main reason for these countries demanding the qualification is simple; they want their teachers to have a very high educating ability so as to provide their students with the best teaching that is available to them.


There are fantastic teaching opportunities to be found in Australia however their curriculum is geared more toward the teaching of British English, Asia and the Middle Eastern countries are a little more flexible with their teaching methods partly because their cultures are significantly different to western countries.


When considering taking a CELTA course it is vitally important that you make sure that the school, university, learning centre or on-line source is fully legal and accredited, failure to do this will end in tears as your hard earned qualification will quite simply not be worth the paper that it is printed on. If you opt for an on-line course you will be sent learning materials that you will need to spend time studying and should be provided with contact details of a teacher/mentor who will answer any questions that you may have and help you to navigate your way through the course to a recognised qualification at the end. If you opt to attend a CELTA course in a School, University or any other accredited learning facility then you can expect the course to take roughly four weeks however there are longer length courses available specifically designed to enable people that already have jobs to participate in a CELTA course.

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Whichever learning option you choose a CELTA course will require you to accrue teaching hours; this will involve you personally handling classes whilst being monitored and assessed by a qualified supervisor who will determine whether or not you are ready to be certified.


One of the most important benefits of taking a CELTA course is the fact that, as we have said, you will actually handle classes of adults before you go out into the big wide teaching world. The fact that you will have been monitored and approved by an experienced supervisor will give you the confidence that you need to be successful in your chosen career. Many people think that teaching adults is difficult or intimidating but this is not the case with a CELTA course. The skills that this course will give you will enable you to enrich the knowledge that your adult students already have, make it much easier to strategize and plan your lessons and be confident that you know exactly which teaching methods will work for your students.

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