Isuzu Crew Cabin Series: The New Face of Trucks

Isuzu trucks have always been the partner of choice when it comes to business. Now, Isuzu is proud to present recent additions to their family, the Isuzu Crew Cabin Series. Unlike other trucks, the Crew Cab provides extra row of seats that is appropriate when needing extra space for manpower. They are perfect for a group of miners, landscapers, or firefighters.


So what is good about the Isuzu Crew Cabin Series?



The name Isuzu alone ensures the quality and durability of the truck. The company has been manufacturing various ranges that are popular to the market like the N, F, and FX series. They also have different truck types that are designed depending on their purpose. So whether you are looking for construction, quarrying, freight, or moving trucks, Isuzu have them all for you. The Crew Cab series is one of the innovations of Isuzu trucks that you will surely love.



The Crew Cab series have engines with either 4 or 6 cylinders depending on the model number. For example the 200 Crew AWD model has a 4 cylinder 16 valve with chain driven DOHC while 800 4×4 Crew Auto has a 6 cylinder 24 valve SOHC. Both of which promises great power in the engine field making them suitable for any delivery, business, and trucking purposes.



These truck series are of excellent durability and service life. With regular maintenance they will even last up to decades. All of them come with a 3-year warranty including cab corrosion warranty. Thus you get the worth of every investment you put in them.

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By Bidgee (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Bidgee (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


The cab design is excellent because it was combined perfectly with the truck structure known for Isuzu models.



The cabins are designed to be spacious and comfortable for the crew members. It has been packed with gadgets and equipments that will make the passengers feel comfortable while on the road. It has a touchscreen audio-visual system, bright interior light, storage compartments, and drink holders. The passenger will not have a difficult time in entering the cabin as the wide doors open at a 90 degree angle creating a perfectly wide entry.



The models are all equipped with ECE R29-compliant standards to ensure maximum safety of the passengers. The cab interior is reinforced with double side-intrusion bars. It also has seatbelts that has pre-tension and load-limit. And of course it is equipped with airbags that will protect the driver from trauma during collisions or vehicular accidents.



Due to the brilliant design of the Isuzu Crew Cabs, it is very versatile for use. Miners going to the site can now ride in one truck along with the equipments in the truck. They no longer have to stay in the open space as they can feel comfortable inside the spacious cabin. This truck is also perfect to be used as firefighter’s truck because the cabin will be able to accommodate several firefighters at one time thus making it more efficient during emergency. It can also be used by contractors when doing large projects that require several workers.

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