How to choose paint for your home

Our home is the space that reflects our personality and style. The way we decorate and maintain our home is influence by our lifestyle. The same is the case with selection of paint for our home. But apart from our personal choice and preferences, there are certain things to be considered while selecting paint for the house.

  • The paint colour that one chooses for the room should have direct bearing on the size and décor theme of the room. While bright and bold colours like red and orange would suit large rooms, it is the pastel shades like light blue and green that would look good in small rooms. Similarly for a more soothing effect one should go for shades of the same colour where as colours that are opposite in the colour wheel like blue and orange should be used together for a more bright appearance.
  • Paints are mainly available in latex or oil based form. While latex paint is easy to clean and long lasting, oil based paints are used as primer for wood moldings. The thumb rule is that the glossier the paint the easier it is to clean it up. Hence it would be a wise decision to use glossy paints in kid’s room and those areas which tend to get dirty fast like the kitchen. But imperfections, if any, would be more apparent if glossy paints are used as it provides a smooth and even finish. If glossy paint seems to be more shiny and expensive, then one can opt for semi-glossy or satin finish paint which is more budget friendly. Exactly opposite to the glossy finish is the matt finish paint. This paint is best suited on walls with lots of imperfection as the matt finish can conceal all irregularities.
  • Existing décor and theme of the room plays a very important role in selecting the paint. If the theme of décor of the room is traditional then one should go for lighter tones like beige and white whereas colours like pink and green would be apt for a more casual décor.
  • Light is another factor that affects the selection of paint. If the room gets more natural light, then there is no harm in going for bold color. On the other hand a room with less natural light should definitely have light colored walls to make the room look bright and airy. Similarly there are certain rooms that are hit by direct sunlight. The paint in the room tends to fade fast when compared to other. This should also be considered while selecting the paint color.
  • Last but not the least; the budget factor should also be taken into consideration. This is especially so for new owners who might not know the hidden and other related cost of painting. As the quality of paint goes up so does the cost. Similarly certain colours might need 2-3 coat of paint to get the desired effect which can again push up the cost.
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A careful consideration of all above factors helps in making the painting job less expensive and cumbersome.