Best 10 Ways to Marketing Your iOS App

The mobile applications have revolutionized the way of communication, data gathering, facilitating business and even other spheres such as education and entertainment. It provides a whole gamut of things that can be done and delivered within fractions of a second. The IOS that is the operating software platform provided by Apple Inc is completely user friendly and quite durable. The IOS applications work on the IOS platform. New IOS apps keep pouring in the mobile internet market.

Ten ways of marketing your IOS app are listed below:



The marketing of any IOS app has to be product specific. The product can be related to entertainment, business, sports, communication, gaming etc.

2.Prospective Customers:

Child And Phone by George Hodan
Child And Phone by George Hodan

Every effort should be made to target the prospective customers. The whole exercise would turn out to be futile if the customers are not targeted correctly.


The segmentation of the targeted customers should also be done. Segmentation is based on various aspects for e.g. for gaming applications the prime the prime target has to be small children and teenagers. Similarly, for business applications the prime target should be businessmen and other corporate who feel easy and convenient to run their business on the move.


This is the most important aspect of marketing any IOS application. Pricing directly influences the psyche of any prospective customer. The IOS app should be priced at that optimum level that it so that it gets a cut over and above other similar products in the market.


It is an age-old method, which is continuously passing through the phase of regular evolution. The ways that an IOS app needs to be advertised is quite different from a physical product. Some of the common methods of marketing are – promotion through other websites and social networking sites, developing an in built platform of mobile apps in the designated handset, advertising through internet.

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If the IOS app is designed to cater to masses of almost every segment, a well built and comprehensive campaign could be run along. Campaign creates a feeling of closeness and brotherhood. In this way, people would feel more in proximity to the IOS app and would relate themselves to it.


Very close peeps into what the competitors in the market are doing should be maintained all the times. The mobile app market is evolving continuously. The life term of any mobile app is very short in which all the targeted profits are to be generated.

8.Market Survey:

For the IOS product to evolve continuously a well laid down a strategy for market survey and market research should be framed.

9.The Results:

To measure how effective the marketing of IOS apps was conducted the results should be measured at regular intervals and every step. If the results are falling short, then any discrepancy located in the way of marketing should be corrected.

10.Feedback Mechanism:

This exercise shows and reveals the efficiency and effectiveness with which the marketing of IOS apps was carried out including the outcomes, their quality and quantity.

By Boris Dzhingarov