How To Use Visualization To Maintain A Positive Outlook

Using visualization to maintain a positive outlook is all about positive thinking and how powerful that can be in life. This is especially the case if practicing manifesting desires. In the event you have pessimistic and negative expectations, thoughts end up materializing, even if you are focused. Visualization helps you when you visualize something that is positive in life.

If you are the type of person that always sees the empty side of the glass and you keep imagining how you are going to fail as opposed to how you are going to succeed, it is something that has to be changed. Creative visualization is definitely a wonderful solution you can take advantage of right now.

Keep in mind that you need to first learn how to visualize before you use it for the positive outlook. Then, move forward towards a visualization exercise like the one presented below. Do this every single time you feel negativity and pessimism.

Getting Ready – The Preparation Stage

You have to start by specifying a goal. Visualize yourself as a confident and positively oriented person. Choose a minimum of one image that you will keep inside your mind before visualizing starts. This is something that is really personal. The goal with this part of the exercise is to find an image that represents positivity and feeling good.

When you have trouble coming up with good images that can be used, use your memory to find situations when it was very hard to be positive and even so, you managed to do just that. Choose a good scenario that allows positivity to flow through your mind.

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Make sure that you now find a quiet visualization place and that you create a schedule for your sessions, putting some time apart every day in order to practice visualization.

The Actual Positive Thinking Visualization Exercise

You want to relax as this is really important. Negative thoughts can easily appear before visualization starts. Take the needed time to filter them out. Just sit comfortably, focus on breathing, relax and count up to 10.

Your visualization should be broken down into different senses. As you wake up in the morning take a look at everything around you. Go to the bathroom and smile. Pay close attention to everything around you, in your room, your chosen safe place. Think about putting on your favorite perfume and imagine the day as it starts right and goes on without a glitch.

After you picture a great day, with everything you truly want in it, take the third person view approach. Think about the day just as a movie. The great thing about this is that you can create your own movie, with you as the star. You are the hero so what do you truly want to do?

The first person view is the next step. Now that you imagined your day in the third person it is time to imagine it in the first person. Think about what made you smile when you initially pictured your day and focus on feeling everything that caused that. The difference is that now you see it from your perspective as opposed to watching a movie with you.

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Closing The Visualization Session

After you are happy and comfortable with what you visualized it is time to wrap things up. It is important that you take this slow. Images are going to fade away but as that happens try to be focused on what you feel. If you do that exercises energize you and excitement remains as a big part of you.

Visualization for positive outlook can be practiced every single morning.