Your Computer Seems Dirty – Try These Way to Make It Clean

Computers are inseparable part of the modern life. Maybe our parents could, but we even can not remember the time when we were not using ones. Being on a vacation, at home or at work you can not let a day pass by without checking the e-mail or paying a visit in the social network you are registered to. Surely the positive sides of the computer usage are more than the negative. But what is common for every machine is the fact that it has to be cleaned from time to time. To dissemble your computer may look a little scary but in fact it is not so difficult and everyone with basic knowledge can do it.

Before you start to clean you should know that the computer generally have three parts. These are the box or the case, the monitor and the other outer devices like the keyboard, microphone, the mouse and others like that.

You can start the job by cleaning the case. To reach the inner part of the box, you will probably have to remove the covers from the both sides. For this you will need nothing more than a screwdriver. Keep the screws in safe place because you will need them after you have done the cleaning. It is good idea to find the instructions of the manufacturer and find out what you should not do with the case of the computer. It is always safe though to use cotton rag and water with average temperature. Use special spray instead of water in case you have some at home. It is important the cloth that you will be using to leave no fibers because this can be very dangerous for the successful functioning of the computer. Also do not make the cloth too wet.

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Clean both sides of the covers, as you remove every spot. Scrub gently to do that. Before you even think to put them back you have to be sure they are completely dry. You can use cotton cloth do help them get dry, but it is also good idea to leave them for some time out on the open air. In case you have more serious stains like ones from ink and other similar, contact professional to give you advise how to remove them.

Things are not that simple for the other parts from the inner side of your computer. You have to pay special attention to the fan. It usually collects most of the dust. You can clean it carefully as you use the vacuum cleaner. For the rest of the inner items use compressed air carefully. Put a special mask on your face if you are allergic to dust, because the inner part of the computer case can be full of it.

The assembling of the computer case should be done the same way as you dissembled it, you only have to roll the screwdriver the other way.

The keyboard can be cleaned as you firstly turn it upside down and shake it till tiny things stop falling from it. If you do not find this enough, you can use the vacuum cleaner with a brush at the end to clean the rest of the dirt. The mouse can be cleaned with everything. Some of the suggestions include wet cloth and wet wipe. There are special sprays for every type of monitor.

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In order to prevent the computer from getting too dirty you can clean more often the area around it and keep the air in the room you are working clean. Thus it will collect less dirt and dust.