Beauty Ideas From Wicca

A wiccan goddess basically creates inner beauty that is capable of shining through. Obviously, this does not mean that Wicca is all about inner beauty. There are many different things that the goddesses do in order to enhance their beauty. Those you can use right now are presented below.

Skin Protection

In Wicca it is important to take care of one’s skin. Instead of relying on really expensive wrinkle creams and moisturizers, focus on using sun screen. The idea is to shield the skin from the UV rays. Sunscreen protection that has high SPF is vital, while wearing sun glasses and hats only give you more protection.

Remember that when talking about your skin, it is the sun that causes the most possible damage. Makeup and beauty products that are chemically based are shun by Wiccans but the sun protection beauty products that are based on natural ingredients are always recommended. Your skin manages to maintain its light color with the help of sunscreen. When tanning in particular, be sure that your skin is protected since fair skin is always beautiful and synthetic color is no longer necessary.

Natural Hair

Wiccans will tell you that dyeing or bleaching hair only damages it, leading to breakage. If you want beautiful hair you are told that you need to avoid the chemicals and harsh stripping colors. You can cover gray to seem younger but you want to use gentler products like hennas or temporary dies. If permanent color is desired, stick to those options that are as close as possible to the natural color of your hair. This is great since you just apply pigment instead of stripping color with the use of products that include harsh chemicals.

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Mineral Glow Makeup

Wiccans do not necessarily shun makeup, as many believe. There are different makeups that look natural, protect skin and increase natural beauty. You want to try a natural mineral powder makeup product that offers a glow appearance. The idea is to opt for a natural effect that is as light as possible. Nude colors matching natural skin colors make imperfections stand out less and increase raw natural beauty.

When you choose makeup, go for mineral options that include antioxidants. Always avoid formulas that include talk, oil, fillers, parabens, fragrance and talc. Do buy an expensive brush in order to properly apply the mineral makeup and you will surely love your new appearance.

Don’t Forget About Your Brows

One of the important beauty tricks for the Wiccan goddess is using pencil and shaping eyebrows. Witches that are shunning makeup still take advantage of this rather simple beauty trick. Shaping brows automatically modifies how you face looks like. It is seen even as being more important than the most powerful beauty spells out there.

If you never shaped your eyebrows below, do not worry. All you have to do is find the appearance you are looking for from magazines or websites and then learn how to recreate that look with the use of video tutorials on YouTube or similar sites. Make sure that you use good tools though. This is what helps the most in properly shaping eyebrows so they are as beautiful as you want them to be. Eyebrow stencils used by professionals are always a really good idea.

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Inner Goddess Glow

Ethereal Wiccan goddesses always have an inner glow that stands out. Besides all the beauty tips mentioned above, attitude and personality do wonders. Be sure that your diet is a healthy one. Proper nutrition, including as many fluids as the body needs is a necessity for full beauty.