The Spiritual Side Of Yoga

Whether you’re religious or not, spirituality is part of your life. It’s personal and universal at the same time. It doesn’t fit one definition and it can mean different things to different people. When it comes to yoga, some people practice yoga just for the physical benefits while others enjoy the spirituality as well. The spirituality part is what makes yoga special for many people it can bring peace, reflection, and it can build a strong body-mind connection.

Yoga builds stamina and strength, however, as mentioned above, yoga can do more than that. It creates a feeling of wholeness. While yoga can be practiced for the physical benefits alone, if you want the full benefits of yoga, you can’t ignore the spiritual side. The psychological and emotional benefits are tremendous. Yoga can relieve stress and improve your overall health. And it can be an outlet for self-discovery and a way to learn how to be more present and focused.

Here are a few things you should know about the spiritual side of yoga:

Yoga Is Not a Religion

While associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, yoga is not a religious practice. You can be part of any religion and still practice yoga. Yoga can feel like a religious practice because working through asanas can feel like prayer – you move quietly, you’re focused on your breathing, you are present in the moment, and, after practicing yoga, you are in a calm state of mind and, in a way, you experience a feeling of completion. That’s why yoga is confused with a religious practice. And that’s also why it is a spiritual experience for so many people. Yoga mean to unite and for yogis the union have different meanings – the union of the body, mind, and spirit; the union of all aspects of oneself or uniting with a higher power.

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Yoga Helps Cultivating Awareness

Speaking of awareness, when practiced regularly, yoga makes you more aware of your own energy and the energy surrounding you. It gives you motivation, reason, drive, and it allows you to connect these things and to find your purpose by channeling your energy through concentration and movements of the body.

Awareness is the crucial part in spiritual yoga, the part that takes the step from physical movements to the spiritual side. While practicing yoga you have to pay attention to your movements, your breath, and the way you act and react. By paying attention to these things, you can transform your mind. Which may lead to transforming your behavior and life.

Yoga Helps To Relinquish Control

Being in control of your own life and making positive changes are important steps you can take to live a better and more fulfilling life and yoga can help. However, yoga won’t make you a better person, it won’t push you to make the changes you want to make, it won’t help you get rid of your fears, and it won’t help you control the environment. However, it will help you control your mind by teaching you how to accept life with everything it entails – the good and the bad. Yoga will increase your self awareness and it will make it easier for you to cope with the different circumstances of your life. After all, that’s what self control actually means. It’s knowing that no matter what life throws your way, you can hold your pose and never without losing side of yourself.

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Yoga Helps To Quiet The Mind

Our lives are hectic and busy. Overanalyzing and overthinking are part of our lives. That’s why we’re so tired and we find in hard to be present. Yoga helps to quiet the mind and to give you time to connect with yourself, to become aware of yourself, your feelings, and your emotions. Experiencing happiness or peacefulness during yoga practice is not uncommon, however, it is not something you should expect. Sometimes you’ll experience negative emotions while practicing yoga. Learning how to accept them and be aware of them is what will quiet your mind. Accept them without judgement and just be present in the moment. It won’t be easy at first but practice will make it easier. Being aware of yourself, accepting yourself, and learning how to be grateful are also parts of the spiritual side of yoga.