7 Top Tips to Choose an Efficient Appraiser to Tackle Real Estate Dealings

Are you aware of the significance and role of the real estate appraisers while purchasing your dream home or while refinancing your current house? The need of appraiser is experienced by a home owner, a management organization as well as by a loan officer. The valuators are required at the time of purchasing a new house as well as at the time of selling your house. They have got expertise in finding an accurate current market value of the concerned property. You will find several appraisers in the market and you need to choose an efficient and an experienced one among them. An inexperienced and inefficient appraiser can even provide you market value of the desired property however it won’t be fair and accurate value. Hence, you need to follow some techniques in order to ensure that you hire a proficient appraiser to acquire right market cost of your desired property. Some of the effective tips that are highly useful while selecting an appraiser for carrying out valuation of the concerned property are mentioned below.


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  1. Check whether the appraiser has license: Before hiring an appraiser, prefer to check whether the appraiser has got license to carry out appraisal in the particular state, where your desired property falls in. This will help you to hire a sanctioned valuator, who has got good experience to carry out valuation process in the same state. Do not attempt to hire an appraiser that does not hold valid license or certification since the banks tend to reject the appraisals that are performed by the invalid or unlicensed valuators.
  2. Make a background inquiry of the appraiser: Take efforts to do background inquiry of the appraiser before you hire him. Check whether the license of the valuator was ever suspended or whether he is placed in the organization on probation. See to it that you confirm that his license is currently active and has not expired lately. All this background inquiry is highly essential before hiring an appraiser for your real estate transactions.
  3. Ensure appraiser himself completes the reports: Check out whether the licensed appraiser himself works on preparing the appraisal reports or these crucial reports are developed by some staff member, who is appointed to carry out data entry work and has got no good knowledge of the appraisal process. Just as it is essential that the licensed appraiser himself carries out the valuation of your house or any other concerned property, it is even more essential that the same licensed appraiser needs to work on developing the appraisal report and complete them in a right manner.
  4. Check for the turnaround period for the appraisal report: The turnaround period for the appraisal reports can be defined as the amount of time that appraiser takes in order to work on and develop the appraisal report right from the time of the beginning of the appraisal process. In general, if the turnaround time is greater than 3 working days then it is regarded as long one, especially if the appraiser is well aware of the current market conditions. A turnaround period of 24 to 48 hours is considered as an ideal time however even a turnaround time of 3 days is recognized as an acceptable one.
  5. Charges of the appraiser: You need to check how much does the appraiser charge for carrying out valuation of a single property. You need to ensure that the appraiser charges fair price to perform the valuation process. See to it that the valuation charges do not exceed $350 for a single family house or a condominium unit. At times, the experienced and expert appraisers make an attempt to get away by charging high rates such as $400 for the valuating the properties whose valuation in reality costs $350. By paying higher rates, you do not get better results rather you happen to lose your valuable money unnecessarily. The appraisal reports need to be completed by following the guidelines that are introduced by the state and hence the valuation reports are developed in the same format and by using the required data. You need to be aware of the standard rates while hiring an efficient real estate appraisal services as some companies attempt to get away by charging your high rates.
  6. Ensure that the appraisal services make use of the modern technology: The modern times have effectively introduced modern equipments and technology to apply them for carrying out real estate appraisal of any property. You need to ensure that the appraiser that you are willing to hire is in practice of using modern technology for performing appraisal of any property. The application of the modern equipments and modern methods assist to perform the valuation of the desired real estate in an effective way. The online ordering of the appraisal services assists you to save your precious time. The advanced websites of the appraisal services allow the customers not only to order the appraisal services online but also track the orders and print the reports directly from the company’s website. The latest technology has effectively made the appraisal process fully digital right from placing the orders for valuation services online to obtaining the digital images during the inspection procedure as well as completing and publishing the appraisal reports.
  7. Check how reliable is the appraiser: Checking the credibility of a certain appraiser is indeed the hardest part while hiring an appraiser. At such times, the work of the appraiser truly conveys whether the appraiser is credible and reliable or not. It is advisable to opt for the appraisal companies that assure you fair and accurate results and ensure to stand up to the promises that they have made to their clients. Go through the reviews and the testimonials posted by the earlier clients of the company over the web. The appraisal organizations that offer you a money back warranty in case the appraisal reports are not completed in the stipulated time can be considered right one to go for. Such companies tend to perform well consistently in performing valuations and invest some extra efforts in order to keep their clients happy with their appraisal services.
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By following all these effective tips, you can easily hire an expert and experienced appraiser to get fair and accurate market value of your desired real estate property. These techniques not only help you to choose a right appraiser but also assist you to decide which appraiser is right to count on to have a long-term working relationship for tackling various real estate dealings.