5 Innovative Business Ideas in 2013

The downturn and the economic crisis have brought front the need of some innovative business ideas that would work out in 2013. Here is a list of 5 such innovative business ideas that might be worked on to get business from the snoozing market. The ideas have been taken from eight different countries and they were innovated in the year 2013. Here is the time to utilize it for a better business in the present year.


5 Innovative business ideas in 2013


Business sign
Business by Kosta Kostov


1. Displaying Facebook likes in real stores:

A Brazilian fashion retailer has started an interesting way to make their customers aware of the online popularity of their product by displaying their facebook likes on the court hangers. This has some way bridged the gap between online and offline shopping world as far as popularity is considered. As we are getting more and more into online stuff, it do has effect on our real world and so was this way used for popularizing a product.


2. Less than $15 Bicycle as Business Ideas in 2013:

As people are getting more concerned about eco-friendly tools and transport system, bicycles have increased in use. This very thought led to the designing of a cardboard bicycle that was really light weight and the cost of creation was just in the range of $9 to $12. The primary material used for the bike was cardboard and yet it could hold about 300 pounds of weight. Moreover, this business idea can be further improved for better usability and sustainability. In this degrading economy, this might be a better choice for the people.

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business idea
Woman With A Thought Bubble by Vera Kratochvil


3. Gravity powered battery free lamp:

About 1.5 billion people in the world live in remote and poor areas where people have to rely on kerosene oils lamps. Gravity lamp is a device that has been produced to get a lamp that utilizes renewable source of energy and surprisingly it is gravity. This lamp was development process was funded by the Indiegogo campaign. The device has a weight attached to it which when pulled, somehow stores energy in it which can be utilized to keep the lamp lighting for the next 30 minutes. This device contains no deteriorating part and thus might keep working unless physically damaged.


4. Coffee cups with printed news of the hour:

In UAE, YR Dubai came up with an innovative marketing strategy in which it printed the news of the hour from its client Gulf News on the sleeve of the coffee cup offered at a coffee store. The printed strip also contained a QR code enabling the users to read the rest of the news on their smart phones. It was observed that the traffic of the gulf news website increased by 41% after implementation of this strategy.


bright idea
Bright Idea by zaldy icaonapo


5. Cardboard packages that can be turned into something new:

Cardboards might not be such an environment threatening material, but still it finds no use once the material reaches its destination and has to be thrown off. Joolz, a Netherlands based company has come up with an idea and the packaging of its baby trolley made of cardboard has instructions to create a chair, lamp, bird house, etc. by just following the instructions.  This was a good initiative taken by the company and in future it can be used to prevent wastage of eco-friendly materials in future. This innovative business idea is further economical and the company may not need to put in any extra money for it.

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