How Can You Make a Photo Book Work For Your Business

If you are yet to use photo books to promote your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. No, don’t take my words for it…here is why.


1.     Photo Book Will Help Give You More Exposure

Images tend to grab more attention than words. And if you use photo books to promote your products and services, you will likely grab more audience. It is very hard to resist visual stimuli. You can write something about your business, print and post on a wall in your office waiting room and only a few people would actually see or want to read it. But use an enticing image by the right or left of that content and almost every person that steps inside would want to know what the content says about the image. Talk of making the most of first impressions!


2.     Give Potential Visitors Something To Remember

People can easily forget what they read or heard, but what they saw will obviously stick longer in their minds. Additionally, using images along with your content marketing efforts will obviously keep your readers with you for a while and reduce the “it’s boring” attitude that people now have against run-on marketing contents.


3.     Entertain Your Readers, Visitors And Viewers

Chances are most of the people who wanted to see a photo book may just want to entertain themselves not really that they care about your business. Hence photo books offers you the opportunity to entertain a large number of people who may just be looking to fill their rest periods while at the same time helping them understand what your business could help them achieve.

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4.     Gain Access To Their Private Time

It is pretty much hard to get a business man down to a meeting these days, and if you have tried going the extra mile, you also probably know that their secretaries can’t help either. But on the other hand, a photo book can gain you access to their private moments, probably when they are trying to relax at home with a newspaper or a magazine and a cup of wine. If you’d love the supposedly hard-to-get company CEO to digest his day with thoughts of how to bring the services of your business to his company, then a photo book is the way to go.

Now you see, photo books can come handy both in brand marketing and the actual products and service promotions. And that’s why you should make it part of your marketing strategy. Once you can get just the first photo album out there, others will follow and the results will sure keep you going.


But then, it is not enough to just put an image in a four cornered paper and expect to get results. Just like other marketing strategies, you have to pay attention to details and tweak your approach in a way it will get the right effect from the viewer. So to better understand how to make the most of photo books, perhaps we need to first indentify our end goals.


Most people would say “to make sales”. And guess what, that’s right. If you are like me, you probably need every of your marketing strategies to help close you more sales, land you more customers, and more leads. So can photo books help you achieve this? The answer is yes, but then here are the 3 major approaches you need to take when using photo books.

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1.     Don’t Just Show The Product Highlight The Core Features Of The Product

To increase conversions and probably land more customers, you don’t just have to put an image in a piece of paper. This attitude will almost get you the opposite result. Using a photo book is an opportunity to sell your products or get more leads. This means you have to highlight the best features in each product. If it is a physical product, take a shot from the view that exposes this feature and use diagrams to further explain what each highlighted part can do. If it’s not a physical product, then try to showcase those performance areas you know would attract buyers. Doing these will only get the viewer more interested in the product.


2.     Direct Them to a Call to Action

What would you like viewers to do after going through the photo book? It could be to give you a call, fill out a form from the book and mail it to your office or perhaps to visit a web page online. Whichever it might be, you can get viewers to do this by:


using pictures of human beings. You can use the image of a popular figure in your field (or niche) which may probably be known and trusted by the viewer himself. Most people do this with the images of popular entertainers and music stars.


using arrows. An arrow is one of the irresistible visual stimuli. Think about those sign posts you see on the road with arrows pointing towards a direction. It is just like putting an arrow on a squeeze page, an arrow on your photo book could help to call viewers to take a particular action, and this will sure increase the number of people that may actually take that action.

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3.     Quantify The Reward

You can also use images to show viewers the kind of satisfaction or reward they might enjoy just by taking the action you are calling them for. There is no big deal to this. Show them a pile of recipe books or gifts, a voucher and what it might possibly buy them, quantify the savings they might gain by using your services and what it actually means in today’s economy. Let your imagination run with this, the idea is to get the viewer to consider what such benefits would mean to him which will likely get him to take the action.


Are you still skeptical about using photo books as one of your major promotional strategies? If so, share your fears in the comment box below and let’s rob minds together. Make 2013 the best year for your business.

Author: Steven Papas – Follow him on Google+.