What Does Numerology Say About Your Business Brand Name?

Did You Know Numerology Can Be Applied to Business?

Business numerology is something that only few people think about but it can be that extra little something that helps you to build the competition. Even if this is only because of a psychological support offered by knowing the numerology of the brand name is a good one, it is still something that needs to be taken into account. According to specialists, brand name will decide success and is just as important as personal or business names.

Misconceptions That Can Appear

When you first learn numerology you get information about various things that you remember. One of them is that numbers like 28 or 29 are not lucky. This applies in business brand names, of course but there are some brands and businesses out there that are actually incredibly successful with these unlucky numerology numbers. Examples can be given in Google (28), Katrina Kaif (28), Volvo (29) and Infosys (28).

The reason why such numerology analysis is flawed is the fact that it is linked with traditional numerology. This is no longer something that is actually considered by professionals. A specialist in numerology will go further and will apply absolutely all scientific innovations that we have had in the past. Cross checking numerology findings with bioenergetics and astrology is nowadays quite common.

Linking Numerology With Astrology

In astrology we have number 8 being ruled by Saturn and the Moon ruling number 2. When we look at number 28 we have to consider this, not just numerology. Moon and Saturn are referring to 11, 10, 2 and 1 as main investors so 28 actually becomes successful. Similar analysis can be done with 29 as 9 is being ruled by Mars.

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Linking Numerology With Brand Birth Time

The exact brand name launch time is highly important in both numerology and business. It is equally important to a person’s birth time so this is a time that should be auspicious. If this is not the case the company will not be set up for success. Birth time will dictate future name, image, growth, fame, conduct and profits.

When the birth time is ruled by planets that are lucky, the brand has a really high possibility of becoming successful and famous. When ruled by the evil planets, brands are actually doomed to end up failing. When you have personal astrology ruled by luck it does not matter. You have to focus on the brand just as you would on a person in order to properly determine the effect of numerology.

Exceptions Exist

Exceptions always appear in numerology so business brand name numerology does adhere to such rules. Infosis is a great example of that. An overall effect of adding these numbers appear in vibes we see in Infosys as a collective word. Lecher Antenna measures confirm overall lucky vibration, leading to increased luck for the brand. Numerology correctness thus has to be always checked through overall name vibration checks.


You should never take business brand name numerology lightly and focus solely on the traditional approach. You need to measure everything before you reach y our conclusion. Vibes have to be tested in your name, you, business names and brand names. A specialist will always do this and cross check with astrology and bioenergetics. We have to acknowledge the fact that brand name numerology is very complex and does involve  various assessments, decisions, measurements and calculations.

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