Types of Laser Printers

Laser printers have become the choice of many business owners and office employees as well as many homeowners for printing their work documents and even photos. They are usually inexpensive and can be purchased in a wide range of models suitable for all purposes. There are three common types of laser printers in use today.

laser printers

The most cost effective type of laser printers is the single laser printer. These types of laser printers are suitable for printing short documents such as a list. The only downside to this type of printer is that the printing speed is slow, but on the plus side the monthly duty cycle print out is excellent. Many consumers do not bother with the fast speed as they consider it wasteful.

The next common type of laser printers available for purchase is the double laser printers. These are a little faster than the single type, but both types of laser printers are still quite slow. As the name suggests, the speed of these machines doubles each time the ink is printed from the drum, thereby increasing the print volume. The drawback to this feature is the higher initial cost as well as the need to purchase two separate drums. The final cost, however, will be recovered in the long run as the cost of ink cartridges will be lower.


Finally, the last common style of laser printer used is the inkjet printer. This is generally used for printing high quality photos or large volumes of written documents. Inkjets can be either solid color dots and lines.

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While there are pros and cons associated with each of the three types of laser printers discussed above, it is best to first consider which type of document you want to print. Do you need black and white text? Would black and white images to improve the look of your computer monitor? Would colorful images to enhance the look of your graphics tablet? The answer to these questions will help determine which type of printer is best suited to your printing needs. Next you must determine your overall budget as these three styles of printers are priced in varying amounts.

Some of the more expensive laser printers (check laser printer prices) include desktop models that have large print areas, include support for various document formats and use solid color or colored ink. Their printing costs are also slightly more expensive than inkjet printers. Also keep in mind that while laser printers tend to be more expensive, they tend to print faster, especially in comparison to inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are less expensive, but tend to take longer to print. Lastly, if you are looking at which printer would best fit your printing needs, then you may wish to review the information in this article.