Tips For Obtaining Small Business Loans in Today’s Economy

The economy has been in the dumps since the recession of 2008. Owners are finding it hard nowadays to obtain financing for their business, regardless of the type of business it is. If you have a unique business plan, service or product that you would like to begin to sell, the following tips for obtaining small business loans will help you get the financing you need today:


Extensive Research is Important

While some banks won’t lend you money for a small business, other banks might. Entrepreneurs should do thorough research on who is lending, what type of business they lend to and how much money they might be willing to give your type of business.

Many banks offer SBA-guaranteed loans. These loans are perfect for small businesses because the government provides guarantees for the lender should the business owner default on his or her payments.

An SBA loan is perfect for a small business owner to obtain equipment finance or who needs extra money for supplies.


The Application

Different banks have different loan processes. An SBA loan must be prepared correctly, or else the bank may not be able to submit it to the government.

Once you have prepared your loan application, take it to your bank so that they can review it and send it off as soon as possible.


The Loan Application Interview

The next step in the loan application process is the interview.

Banks put a lot of emphasis on the interview part of the process. Be sure to prepare your answers as best as possible and dress in appropriate business attire.

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You will need to communicate your business needs clearly to the interviewer. They will ask you what the money will be used for, if the money will be allocated for different reasons and how you plan to repay the loan.


Money Pounds by George Hodan
Money Pounds by George Hodan

Local May Be Better

If you plan to own a business in your town, it may be best to use a local bank instead of a national chain.

Local banks will also be able to service an SBA loan, just like big banks do. You will likely receive better customer service at your local bank than you would at a national one.


Prepare Your Financial Documents

How you prepare your documents will affect the outcome of the loan decision.

Showing you keep superb financial records is important to banks because they need to know that you can keep track of your income and expenses at all times. Your financial records also need to be organized in a way that everyone can understand so your potential lender will be able to determine quickly whether or not you will be approved for a loan.


Calculations are Important

Like your financial documentation, the amount you need must be calculated correctly.

During your interview and throughout the entire application process, the bank will ask you for the exact amount you need for every aspect of your business. Whether you need a loan for equipment finance, a business extension or for a new start up, the bank must know exactly where the money is going.

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