How To Perform Bibliomancy Using Websites Instead of Books

People use books and websites for all kind of reasons. They use them when they feel lonely, they use them when they need advice, they use them for a better understanding of their true selves and for numerous other reasons. Reading the same text, in a book or on a website, can offer people different insights since not all people experience the same feelings when they read something. The ideas that form in our minds can be completely different than the idea the author of the book or website had in mind while writing. Our imagination is powerful and it can create a unique world and perspective for us.

If you find yourself reading the same websites about spirituality, health, astrology or even fiction and lifestyle websites, you can try to perform bibliomancy using them.

What Is Bibliomancy?

Bibliomancy is a form of divination used since the Middle Ages that involves opening a book at a random page and getting spiritual insight from the text. During the Middle Ages, the most common book used for bibliomancy was, obviously, the Bible. However, this divination method evolved over time and people started to use other books to get spiritual guidance. Nowadays, all books can be used as transformative tools since the insights we are looking for today are not necessarily related to God or other divinity, they are related to everyday life  and the problems we want to overcome or the questions we have.

How To Perform Bibliomancy Using Books?

We are going to talk about bibliomancy using books first so you can understand the basis of this method of divination.

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If you want to get some answers and to let the power of books guide you in life, there are a few steps you should go through:

  1. Select the book

Before selecting a book, think about a question you want to ask. After you decided what question you want answers to, select your book from your library. Try to select a book that is somehow related to your question. For example, pick a novel, a book of poems, a philosophy book for love and relationship questions. Or, if you are not sure what book to select in this way, close your eyes and run your fingers over the books on your bookshelves. Stop when you want and pick that book.

  1. Calm your mind

With the book in your hands, try to relax and enter a calm state of mind. Clear your mind from worries, stress, emotions and problems.

  1. Ask your question

When you feel you are in a good place where no bad emotions can alter your calm state of mind, ask the question, in your mind or out loud, it is up to you.

  1. Find your answer

With your eyes closed, touch the book’s pages with your fingers until you feel the need to stop on one page. Stop there and open your eyes.

  1. Read and apply the wisdom

Read the paragraph of the book where your fingers stopped and apply the wisdom to your life. You will be surprised how your brain will find the connection between the paragraph in the book and your question. Try to understand how you can use the insight you just received to make your life better.

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How To Perform Bibliomancy Using Websites Instead Of Books

Now that we explained how bibliomancy works and how you can perform it with books, it is time to introduce you to the modern version of bibliomancy – performing bibliomancy using websites instead of books.

Steps 2, 3 and 5 are the same however, the other steps are a little bit different. For the best results, we advise you to use a tablet or your phone so you can scroll down easily. You can select a website based on the type of question you want to ask, but make sure it is not your first time visiting that website, or you can scroll over your bookmarks list where you have all your favorite websites.

After entering a calm state of mind, scroll through the articles or categories on the website and stop when you feel like it, do the same thing with the list of articles and the article you selected. Now, all you have to do is step 5 from classic bibliomancy, read and apply the wisdom.