A simple guide to boosting your trade business

If your trade business is experiencing a lull in custom, there are numerous simple steps you can take to gain more referrals and boost your customer base. Read on for this simple guide to attracting more sales:

Ask for customer feedback

When it comes to understanding what your business is doing right (and not so right) your existing customers are your number one source of insight. Mail or e-mail your previous clients and ask for their honest feedback on your recent work and how you could improve your business practices? Criticism can be tough to take, but if you really want that boom in business you need to put the customer first and get to known their feelings on how you currently do things.

Obtain good quality tools

Are your tools and equipment up to scratch? Whether you’re a plumber or an electrician, having high quality apparatus is essential to the success of a trade business. If you don’t have the right tools, you’ll be unable to get the job done to the highest standard. When there’s a quiet period in your schedule, it’s the ideal time to check your tools and invest in new ones. When business is slowing down it can seem senseless to be spending, but quality tools are a legitimate and much needed expense.

Optimise your website

If you’re not already online, don’t wait; get yourself a business website that details all your services, reviews and contact information. Once you’ve got your website in place, you should also consider SEO (search engine optimisation), a process of inserting keywords into your content to ensure that your website is brought up against relevant search queries on Google and other search engines.

Re-think your marketing

How do new customers find out about you? Are you spending enough time and effort on marketing? Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune, with simple DIY solutions you can help spread the word about your business. Social media is a brilliant place to start, with set-up and management of Facebook and Twitter accounts completely free of charge. Advertising is also an option, whether you opt for traditional printed posters or online advertisements like AdWords that can be specifically tailored to reach only your target audience.

Offer unbeatable prices

Another way to get ahead of your competition is to offer unbeatable prices for your services. This doesn’t mean cutting your rates dramatically so that your business is no longer profitable, but instead thinking of exceptional special offers and deals that will really entice new customers to try you out. Offering existing customers money off or free services for recommending you to a friend (and securing their custom) is another nice way to give your loyal customers something for nothing whilst securing new business.

Exceptional customer service

The easiest thing you can do to help business is to ensure that your staff are offering exceptional customer service. Surprising your customers with a friendly and attentive manner can be one sure-fire way to spread positive word-of-mouth.

By Boris Dzhingarov who has lots of financial related articles online. Follow him on Google+.

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