Why Many Top Executives Practice Meditation In The Billion-Dollar Industries

The world of the rich and powerful is not as glamorous as you may think. It is filled with stress since making even one mistake can mean the company crumbles. Business leaders are now embracing meditation, a trend that changed from the common massages and golfing sessions. Meditation is so preferred that we cannot deny that there are some benefits that exist.

According to Johann Berlin, TLEX Institute CEO, there is a clear growing interest for meditation for leaders with the purpose of getting help to achieve business goals and build leadership skills. Why is that? Does meditation really work? The short answer to this is yes. Here are the main reasons why this is the case.

Building Resilience

Research studies showed that meditation will decrease anxiety. This builds performance and resilience when faced with stress. Meditation helps to stop panic and fear from appearing in the first place. If the market goes down, most people involved will panic. Trading desks will be chaotic. With the help of meditation, in such a case you can find solutions and find your composure instead of panicking and making uninformed choices.

Emotional Intelligence

Meditation helps to regulate emotions. This is particularly helpful when you are starting out as a CEO or entrepreneur and you really want things to happen according to a pre-set timeline. Anger is the common response to bad situations in which the company does not perform as initially envisioned. Meditation will build patience. This creates better team relationships and cooler thinking under tension. Emotional intelligence is increased so your emotions will not dictate everything you do.

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Most people say they are creative but in truth they are not. Enhancing creativity is not as easy as you may think. It has been shown that our most important breakthroughs and greatest insights appear when we are in a relaxed mind state. Guess what meditation does! The EUREKA moment appears when you are calm. Meditation will encourage thinking in a divergent way. Divergence is a big part of creativity.

Relationship Improvements

Stress is going to narrow perspectives, reduce empathy and will impact performance in a 100% negative way. Meditation boosts mood and increases personal connections. You become more compassionate and kinder. Taking it one step further, meditation will allow you to better understand what the clients want. Understanding the customer is always a necessity in the modern business world.

Increased Focus

What you may not know is that your mind will wander off around 50% of the time you are awake. Add some text messages, work interruptions, emails, phone calls and social media posts and you end up with huge problems in remaining focused. Meditation training will curb our tendency to be distracted. Staying focused for longer periods of time is possible, together with boosting memory.


As you can see, the benefits offered by meditation will be really useful for the top entrepreneurs and CEOs. The main advantage is gaining the necessary power to keep stress into control. This helps you to make better business decisions. At the same time, you will be calmer and can keep your mind focused, no matter what happens.

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