Mind Power In The 21ST Century By John Kehoe – Book Review

Mind Power In The 21ST Century By John Kehoe – Book Review

mind power into the 21st centuryLove him or hate him, John Kehoe is an author and motivational speaker that had a lot of success in the past few years. His work was a reference for many and you will surely have something to learn from Mind Power In The 21st Century.

What Can You Learn?

  • How to harness your subconscious mind’s power
  • How to take advantage of your natural intuition
  • How to heal yourself
  • How to interpret your dreams
  • How to become more creative
  • Techniques to help you use visualization successfully
  • Maintain after building a fulfilling relationship
  • How to develop your prosperity consciousness


About The Book

Mind Power Into The 21st Century is a highly interesting read and we need to say that it is very well written. It actually includes anecdotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Spitz and Carol Burnett. They are used to add that lively touch that such books need and they obviously add value to the lessons offered.

We can say that the book does take a really practical approach. The reader receives access to a set of techniques that can actually be applied on a day-to-day basis. Contrary to what many believe, this is quite refreshing since most self help books just highlight theories, without actually helping in applying them. John Kehoe does go the extra mile and uses a really easy to understand and straightforward approach. You will particularly love the lack of jargon and how easy it is to read.

What Do Readers Say?

One of the easiest ways in which we can assess the quality of any book is to see the reviews that are written by those that bought and read it. Mind Power Into The 21st Century was really well received and the feedback offered by readers is quite nice to read. Many bought the book without even knowing who John Kehoe is from the book store and were surprised to see how good it was.

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When looking at the tops of self-help books written, this one is highlighted almost always. We can thus say that there is a lot of information that is really well received by the reader, which is exactly what you are mostly interested in. Most talk about how John’s teachings helped them to solve problems of all kinds, including relationships, health and financial. There is also a constant reminder of the lack of fluff and the fact that all chapters make suggestions while also offering exercises and tips that are not at all overwhelming.

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