How To Find Out If Someone Died In Your Home Before Moving In

Whether you now just moved into a great home or have lived in a house for a long time, you may want to learn about the past owners, especially if there was someone that died in there or not. You may want to learn about this even if you just rent. If you feel that there is something weird, you feel cold spoting when moving towards the hallways or you see shadows in the kitchen, see if someone died there in the past. No matter why you want to investigate, here are some facts that you can consider and things that can help you out a lot.

Talk To Real Estate Agents/Properties

Ask your real estate agent or the home owners about it. In most states disclosure of deaths that are non-violent are not mandatory but owners will be legally obligated to disclose the material facts that are related to properties. In the event that there was a death that took place and the owners are aware that this happened and you ask, disclosure is obligatory.

City/County Records

You need to check the county or city records in order to see the past owners that existed for a property. Research individuals and see what happened to them. Do so based on the individual case. Death certificates need to be pulled in order to see where death took place. It is a really time consuming process but one that can help you to easily see if someone died at the residence or not.

Using The Internet

As soon as you get the past property owner list, the internet will help you to easily learn a lot about them. Property addresses plus names are usually enough to find out information, as long as it was digitally archived.

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Local Newspaper Archives

Many of the local newspapers will have records and you can use them in order to see what happened in the past. Newspapers do not have standardized archiving procedures though so everything does vary from one to the next. You will receive the help that you need if you just have the possibility of searching via address.

Talk With The Neighbors

You will be surprised to see how many things neighbors can tell you. They will have a lot of data and will know so much about what happened in the past with the property you think about buying. To make matters even better, neighbors do tend to have absolutely no problem in talking about what happened.