Learn Meditation Secrets – From Your Cat!

Cats, love them or hate them, you have to agree that there is an aura of mystery surrounding them. So often they seem to be in a completely meditative state. Cat owners swear that the cats feel much more than what it is believed and that there is a strong connection established that simply cannot be broken. Obviously, this is not something that can be proven at the moment. However, it does seem that there is a growing number of people that start to meditate with their cats or even while guided by their cats.

When you observe what the cat does on a daily basis and you start to think about it, this whole meditation with cats trend does start to make sense. As an example, the cat will often take a break from whatever happens to stand still and literally do nothing. This helps us so much in business as breaks are needed so that we do not become overworked. Similarly, stretching our body many times during the day is very beneficial for overall health. Guess what cats often do when they do not sleep!

Meditation with a cat is the trend. Cats are seen as zen masters because of how calm they are. According to different studies, cats are really good at helping people to become comfortable with meditating. When a meditation sessions starts you will often see the act joining and relaxing in a similarly meditative state as the owner.

How To Meditate With Your Cat

With something like this you do not really have much information available and you need to try it to see if it works in your case. Obviously, in some situations this will not be good as meditation is really personal. It is different for everyone. However, if you want to give it a try, start off by creating a space that would be used to meditate on a consistent basis. That is very important to get the cat to cooperate and to get you in the habit of meditating in the first place.

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The common start is the cross-legged position. Your body will naturally fall in a state that is receptive. Relaxation follows shortly as your mind starts to wonder off. Keep in mind that cats will sometimes hate the place that you chose. They will start to growl and meow. You have to find a place that the cat is going to accept. Then, make it as consistent as possible.

In order to help, you can always introduce some soft music as you are not in the house, when the cat is resting naturally. Nature sounds, strings and harps are recommended. Avoid the birds sounds. That exact same music can be used as you relax or meditate. As time passes the cats will quietly start to unwind and then curl up close to you during the meditation session. Some will try to touch you. You may see the cat in your lap or right next to you. Since you are meditating, do not pet the cat and simply meditate as normal. The music helps get the cat used to what is going to happen.

Give It A Try

We would love to hear what your cat meditation experience was like. Did the cat stand still or not? Did she join the meditation session?