How Deepak Chopra Became The World’s Most Famous Living Advocate of Spiritual Thinking

Deepak Chopra Is A Pioneer Of Spiritual Thinking

Contrary to what many think, Deepak Chopra is an American public speaker, author and alternative medicine advocate. He was born in 1946 and is really popular in New Age movement. He changed the world of alternative medicine through many videos and books, becoming a really wealthy figure in this type of medicine, definitely the one that is the best-known.


Deepak Chopra first started in India, studying medicine. He eventually emigrated to the US in the year 1970. There he finished residencies in endocrinology and internal medicine. He is an officially licensed physician. Eventually he was employed at the NEMH (New England Memorial Hospital) as chief of staff. Then in 1985 he started work in TM (Transcendental meditation).

Eventually he quit his main job and opened the popular Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center. The year 1993 was an important one for Chopra. He was interviewed by Oprah and his following exploded. The interviews were about the books he wrote. The TM movement eventually was not of interest to him as he became executive director for Sharp Healthcare’s Mind-Body Medicine Center. 1996 saw him opening the Chopra Center For Wellbeing.

Spiritual Thinking Advocate

Chopra became a spiritual thinking advocate because of various different beliefs he promotes. He thinks that perfect health is something anyone can get. He describes this condition as being “free of disease, that never feels pain”, going on to say about it that this cannot die or age. The human body is basically seen as made out of information and energy. Aging is described as being changeable and fluid, slowing down, stopping, reversing or speeding up, all influenced by state of mind. Chopra is claiming that the practices he preaches will treat chronic diseases.

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Growing Popularity

With such promoted ideas it is really easy to understand why his popularity kept growing, especially after mass media presence. However, there are different people that criticize his work. For instance, Robert Carroll declared that Deepak Chopra is integrating Ayurveda in quantum mechanics only to justify teachings. Chopra is saying that quantum healing will cure many ailments. This does include cancer, although claims are linked to quantum mechanics more than medicine. Physicists are now objecting against using a term like quantum when referencing the human body and medicine.

Although Deepak Chopra is a highly controversial individual, his teachings were reported to have helped many. His work eventually branched into marketing and teaching, with Chopra now charging a lot of money for one lecture.