What Did We Learn from 2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey?

2016 has been up until now and will continue to be right until its end a really special one from various points of view. As far as the Chinese calendar is concerned, this is the year of the Fire Monkey considered from 8th of February until 27th of January 2017 in the Chinese Culture. Let’s see the main aspects that make the year of the fire monkey interesting to consider and analyze.

The Year of the Monkey Traditions

The monkey represents number nine among the whole range of 12 animals that find place in the Chinese zodiac cycle. The year of the monkey appears once every 12 years. A very interesting fact is that have always been multiples of 12 so far starting from 12 AD up until 2016.

As far as the Chinese astrology goes, every calendars year is said to be under the sign of a specific zodiacal animal as well as under the main Five Elements: Gold, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water. In terms of personality traits and specific destiny paths, both the element that characterizes your year of birth and these symbols are very important and play an influential role.

What Have We Learned This Year

For those who are under the zodiacal sign of monkeys, this year has brought a wide range of interesting discoveries. First of all, their lucky numbers have been 4 and 9. For those interested in winning the lottery, it is not too late to start betting on these numbers. As far as lucky days go, these seem to be on 14th and 28th of each month.

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Lucky Things that Have Been Revealed

When you are born as a Chinese astrological monkey you will definitely find yourself appreciative of colors like gold, blue and white and flowers like crape-myrtle of the amazing chrysanthemum. Your lucky months are still here for you to enjoy this year because they range from the 8th month of the Chinese calendar up to the 12th month. This means that you are now living the luckiest period of this year!

Unlucky Things to Avoid This Year and in the Future

There are also some unlucky things that anyone born under the Chinese astrology sign of the monkey should avoid this year and in the future. In terms of colors, red and pink will do it this time. As far as numbers are concerned, do not bet on 2 and 7 because these are not lucky for you.

Also, the Chinese months ranging from 7 to 11 seem to be not so lucky for people born under this sign in general. This is pretty strange because what is lucky for the fire monkey this year seems to interfere with what is unlucky for people born under this astrological sign in general. It may just be one of the great coincidences of this amazing year.

The Bottom Line

What we have learned this year is that great opportunities are there for anyone no matter the zodiacal sign he/she was born under as long as they know themselves well and follow the right path towards achieving most wanted success in all areas of life.

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