Why Do Most Paranormal Sightings Happen At Night

Before talking about the reasons most paranormal sightings happen at night, we have to mention a few things about ghosts that will help us to better explain the phenomenon.

  1. Even if you are not able to see ghosts, you can sense their presence. An encounter with a ghost can be similar to a feeling of something wrong/not normal about a place, a person or a situation.
  2. Ghosts have no color or little color. Sometimes they appear to be a washed-out shade of black, white or gray.
  3. Ghosts are accompanied by cold. Most ghost hunters and people who encountered ghosts throughout their life associate them with a noticeable change in temperature or chills in the air.
  4. Ghosts do not like crowds. They prefer to appear to one or a couple of people at a time. They usually disappear when other people come to investigate.
  5. Many ghosts had tragic lives – unhappiness, tragic end of their lives, lost love – and, even though ghosts do not usually talk, they are known for crying or howling.
  6. Ghosts prefer old buildings, usually the ones they used to live in before they passed away.

Why Do Most Paranormal Sightings Happen At Night

Now that we mentioned some of the most known facts about ghosts, it is time to explain why most paranormal sightings happen at night. Believe it or not, there is a scientific theory behind this paranormal phenomenon. According to this theory, there is more spirit activity during the night than during the day. If you are wondering why, you have to go back to our first ghost fact we mentioned in this article, the one that says that ghosts are similar to sensing a presence. Ghosts are considered energy-based or electromagnetic manifestations.

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Now let’s start with the beginning of this theory that is entirely based on science. We all know that the earth is covered by a protective membrane called atmosphere. Throughout the day, the atmosphere is hit by solar radiation. During the day, the atoms are ironized meaning the atoms turn into ions by losing their electrons. The irons restrict the electrical activity in the atmosphere and this leads us to the actual theory that explains why paranormal sightings happen at night. During the night, the bombardment of radiation from the sun is drastically reduced and the electrical activity increases. This is also the reason your TV or radio has better signal during the night.

Since ghosts are electromagnetic manifestations, it makes sense that it is easier for them appear during the night when their manifestation is not impaired by the ionization in the atmosphere. Basically, it is easier for ghosts to appear during the night than during the day.

Also, as we already mentioned in our facts about ghosts, ghosts prefer to appear to only a few people at a time. During night time, people are usually in their beds, sleeping so ghosts can avoid crowds and appear only to the people they want to without being disturbed by others. It is also easier for them to be noticed during the night when people pay more attention to the changes in temperature, to their feelings or to their surroundings in general.