Inspiration from Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa of Calcutta died years ago but she is still a symbol of strength, love and charity, with her influence still being felt all around the world. Even the small simple gestures she did like bathing with those that were sick or teaching young children to read led to a worldwide phenomenon. The organization she built, Missionaries of Charity, is known in every corner of the world and managed to literally help millions. Mother Teresa was a loved spiritual icon, a tireless advocate for those that are poor and a renowned humanitarian.

Mother Teresa definitely made the world a better place, with the following automatically standing out.

Founding The Faith Based Philanthropic Calcutta Group

This happened in 1950, being created with the efforts of 12 nuns that lived in Calcutta. In the year 2012 this organization already reached over 4,500 members in 133 countries. Missionaries of Charity now runs homes for people that live with AIDS, tuberculosis and leprosy. Various soup kitchens, mobile clinics and schools are also opened. All members take chastity, obedience and poverty vows, vowing to always give their services for free to those that are poor.

Treating Poor People With Love

This is one of the things that Mother Teresa is most-known for. She always treat the poorest people with respect and love at a time when this was simply not the case. The members of the charity actually live along the people that are ministered, breaking a wall that was always in place between recipients and benefactors. At one point in time Mother Teresa said:

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“There are plenty of nuns to look after the rich and well-to-do people, but for my very poor, there are absolutely none.”

This emphasizes unconditional compassion and love to every single person in the world, offering a sense of dignity to people that are so often forgotten and ignored. Religion and class were never considered in the actions of the organization.

Recruiting People To Help In The Mission

Mother Teresa actually recruited people one at a time, ranging from movie stars to world leaders and even ordinary people. When she met people she inspired them, regardless of the background, leading towards a general movement to help those that are in need. This is why so many simply say that she was a true selfless person, what many claim they are and are not. There are countless people that were not even born as she died and now join Missionaries of Charity.

Improving Education For Poor People

A huge part of the work that Mother Teresa did was directed towards offering education for children born in some of the worst slums of the world, offering a way to get out of the poverty cycle they were domed for. Her real trade was that of a teacher. At an early age she gave up the position she had in order to care for those that were poor. She actually started a new school in the first day she stayed in a Calcutta region that was stricken by poverty. As time passed Mother Teresa managed to dispatch teachers to remote world locations and opened the door towards proper education for generations of people.

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