Tips for making a road accident claim abroad

Any road accident can be incredibly traumatic for the people involved, even more-so when the accident happens in a foreign country. And, with more of us travelling and working abroad every year, it’s important you clue yourself in to how you can best respond to such circumstances.

Even if you don’t sustain serious injuries as consequence of your accident, you can still start thinking about putting in a claim if the accident wasn’t your fault. However, be mindful of the fact that your accident claim will be subject to the laws of that country and so, slightly different proceedings may take place following your application for an accident claim.

Regardless, you have a right to be kept safe and protected on the road wherever you are, so if you feel that your safeguarding has in anyway been compromised – here are four tips on how to go about making a road accident claim abroad.


road accident
By mac_filko under CC BY-ND 2.0


At The Time

If you are lucky enough to be come out from your accident relatively unscathed, it’s important you get to action immediately in documenting the accident that has just occurred. You can do this by taking photos (on a phone or otherwise) and making notes about what just happened. Pictorial evidence in particular can be a great support for your claim, justifying your accusations.

In addition to this, be sure to obtain the insurance details of any other drivers, do not apologise or admit liability at the scene, just take down the names and addresses of all who are present at the time. These contact details can be used later when looking for witnesses of the accident- adding credibility to your argument.

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What Initial Steps You Should Take After the Accident

When it comes to road accidents there are different steps you must take before filing a claim, depending on your situation. So make sure you take the most appropriate ones or you could waste a great deal of money and time. If your accident occurred in the EU (European Union) you may be supported by the EAS (European Accident Statement) which will help you in choosing the right claim for your situation after taking these initial steps, so it’s worth consulting them also.

If your accident occurred whilst you were in your own car, it’s important you first report the accident to your insurer – if you fail to report it within a certain time frame, you may not be allowed to make a claim. Alternately, if your accident occurred in a hire car, you will need to report your claim to the local police and your rental company in a detailed report. This should preferably be done whilst you’re still in the country.


Read Up On Your Legal Advice

When you’re about to make a claim, it’s crucial that you are fully aware of how proceedings should go and that you know your rights as a victim of a road accident. This will prevent others from taking advantage of your lack of legal knowledge and help you to resolve the situation as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible.

Fortunately, legal advice is widely accessible online distributed by reputable sources. Looking at the websites of legal advisors is advised before you set off, informing you of when you may be able to make a claim and how to go about it.

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Follow Through

Your work towards making an accident claim shouldn’t cease upon returning home. Once you’ve laid the ground work in the country where the accident occurred – you should continue to chase up your claim at a trusted law firm back in the UK.

With persistent efforts, you will start to make headway and eventually receive some form of eventually receive some form of car crash compensation when you arrive back at home.


By wising up on legal matter before venturing abroad, you can prepare yourself for any situation; allowing you to take immediate action after receiving a medical examination, to check your state of health first.

Whilst making a claim abroad can be stressful and infuriating, especially if they speak another language, it is doable. So be prepared, stay calm and keep organised.


If you have made a successful road accident claim abroad, then tell us about it in comments below.