How does Dedicated IT Outsourcing Benefit Startups?

Offshore outsourcing can play an important role in the growth of IT startups as it helps them get highly skilled IT professionals for full time or part time at rates fit to their budget. Thus, gaining the support of excellent manpower and a topnotch virtual development center within a limited budget reduces their capital expenditure significantly. As experienced workers take on your project and efficient managers take up your office administration, startups can completely focus on the project development and marketing operations.

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Through dedicated offshore outsourcing, a startup can get access to the outstanding IT talent pool in India. Unlike traditional outsourcing model, this method is more transparent, and gives better control to clients over entire process. Clients have the authority to hire or fire their employees, manage and schedule the work, and direct project development. Moreover, instead of spending heavily on building and managing their own infrastructure, a startup gets remote IT development center with all facilities it needs.

Availing dedicated IT outsourcing services will benefit startups in many ways. Some of those are listed below:

  • Startups can focus on core business activities
  • Build up strategies that can increase client satisfaction
  • Improve the project development process
  • Gain Flexibility to adapt to the changes in business process
  • Form a firm base for continuing development
  • Cut costs and avoid large capital expenditure
  • Get quality workforce at affordable rates

These benefits are only the tip of an iceberg. Companies can explore for more benefits as this operational model is highly flexible and supports innovation in outsourcing processes. New generation outsourcing services are designed to cater to the IT requirements of small to medium companies. Therefore, dedicated our offshore outsourcing solution will act as a catalyst of growth in a company’s initial stage. Thus, a startup company can focus more on the business operation, produce more growth, and try hard to get an edge over competitors.

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Nevertheless, up to now, the problem with offshoring is the shortage of good service providers offering exclusive Offshore Development Center (ODC) and support to Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) and startup firms. Even though, dedicated offshore centers can be a feasible choice for small enterprises to start and progress, most outsourcing services could not be easily accessible for them due to huge setup fees, maintenance cost and other complex red-tapisms that are hard to deal with. In addition, conventional outsourcing never gives adequate control to clients in hiring employees, team management and project development. The offshore vendor controls everything, and thus, there was a lack of sufficient transparency in operations.

But after the downturn faced by Outsourcing industry in 2012, companies are going through a complete makeover. The focus has been shifted from cost-reduction to nurturing quality and transparency in services. Companies are innovating new outsourcing models that will be more viable for the business development for the small to medium enterprises. The features of the new models are designed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional offshoring to make outsourcing suitable for clients at any financial level. So, now on, startups can start using offshore outsourcing for a quick but steady progress in their businesses.

Author: Gigi J Kizhakkechethipuzha – Follow him on Google+.