The Benefits of using a Virtual Office

The days of having to be present in a physical location are no more. In fact, it’s now easy to work from wherever you want and there are numerous benefits to doing so. Working from home is something which has become especially popular in recent times, as people decide to avoid long and stressful commutes, noisy offices and can work far more flexible hours to fit around their family and personal life.

However, having a physical location also has its benefits, especially when it comes to meeting clients and appearing more professional to potential customers. While working from home is good when you first start out, there will come a time where you need to have a base in a major city centre hub so you look like a serious company.

It’s now possible to get the best of both worlds with a virtual office. These are spaces which you can list as your company address, yet you don’t need to be physically be there to get the benefits they offer.


A real, professional business address:

Listing your home as your business address on your website probably won’t help it to appear as professional as you may want to be perceived. This is especially so now as many people like to Google Map and street view where you are based. With a virtual office you will be given an address within the centre of a city’s business district, making you look like a professional outfit from the outset.


Get your telephone calls answered by a receptionist:

You may not want to constantly be taking phone calls throughout the day, or you may want to find a way to appear more professional when those all-important business phone calls come in. By using a virtual office your calls will be answered by a trained receptionist in any way you wish – even by using your company name at the start of the phone call. Find a good virtual office and you will get receptionists who make an effort to learn about you and your company so they can even answer general queries if needs be, or they can take messages to pass onto you if you are unavailable to take the call.

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A hub for your business mail:

If your business address is listed at a virtual office then it’s likely you will received a fair share of mail to it. By paying a certain weekly/monthly fee this mail can be forwarded to your home or other address where you are actually going to be based for the majority of your time. It’s even possible to have mail opened with total honesty and discretion by the virtual office’s staff before being scanned and emailed through to you – meaning no waiting times to receive the important documents you are waiting for!