Why It Is Worth Taking Meditation Classes Rather Than Learning To Meditate By Yourself?

Why It Is Worth Taking Meditation Classes Rather Than Learning To Meditate By Yourself?

Meditation is a highly sensitive topic that we have to look at from an individual’s point of view. The truth is that some people will just want to meditate alone while others will be highly interested in sharing this with friends, family or complete strangers. However, there are some advantages associated with meditation classes that do have to be taken into account. This is what we will try to highlight below.

Developing Connections

Similarly to listening to music, meditation is something that can be enjoyed with others. The idea is that you can actually end up feeling a connection with all the others that participate in the class, while you all feel peace overwhelm you. People that are on the exact same wavelength as you will be met. Also, brainwaves will synchronize when meditating.

Developing Habits

Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to find some excuses and just not mediate when you are at home. Similarly to going to the gym with friends for group classes would motivate you, the meditation group is capable of offering the much needed encouragement that many require in order to develop truly consistent practices.

You Can Receive Feedback

The practitioners that participate in the meditation groups will be of different levels. If you are a beginner you can find some members that would help you out a lot in clearing the confusion that is sometimes associated with meditation. Answers to some pretty difficult questions can be received and feedback would be offered about the experiences that would appear as you are meditating.

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Gaining Support For Your Inward Journey

Your inward journey can be much better supported by a group. It will be motivating and inspiring to connect with some people that share the intentions you have. If you need to change and your meditation is a part of a bigger picture, you will most likely need some friends around you. The support that you receive from the meditating group can be so much more valuable than what you would believe. Everything is about the fact that you can unify as a collective and then add strength to the intentions you have. If the group has common goals, which is normally the case, the entire experience tends to be stronger.

Power In Numbers

Different studies showed us the fact that we are faced with ripple effects that appear when group meditations happen. There are actually some things in physics that can be mentioned, like the fact that vibration waves will flow and affect collective consciousness. The consciousness of a man is capable of affecting the world around people as energy fields are altered. Make sure you look into the Maharishi Effect for more information related to this. The bottom line with this is that smaller groups of people were responsible for the biggest changes in world history. Never underestimate the power of a group and its benefits associated with meditation.


At the end of the day the choice is going to be highly subjective but we have to understand the fact that group meditation can be a great, healthy and fun way to learn something new and socialize. Meditation groups can offer the support that you need to actually be able to meditate in the first place, especially when you have problems doing this at home, alone. Meditation is definitely something that is sensitive for the individual but group meetings are not going to change that.

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