What Is Hemp?

What Is Hemp?

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“What is hemp?” you might be asking yourself. Or, maybe, you’re thinking, “I’m not sure, but I’ve heard it a few times.” There are many definitions of what is hemp, and it depends on who you ask. In this article we’ll attempt to define the substance.

The Basics

Hemp or marijuana is a relative of the cannabis plant. It’s actually a domesticated weed that were used for things like rope, sails, and other products. The United States federal government banned marijuana use in 2010, but allowed for states to experiment with legalization of the plant. Many countries around the world, including India, South Africa, Turkey and Australia, permit the cultivation and use of the plant. The US, however, is the only country that has yet to legalize the use of hemp.

The most common definition of what is hemp is “the organic, non-berygenic, biodegradable plant used as a source of fiber, fuel, medicine and other goods”. hemp seed is the main ingredient in the product. This is a rather complicated description of a simple substance, but hemp does deserve some attention in the definition of the word. Since it doesn’t have any chemical compounds in it, or even any real scent, there’s no reason why it couldn’t have a wide range of uses. It could even be the complete opposite of marijuana – meaning it doesn’t contain marijuana’s intoxicating smell at all.

More Details

So, let’s get on to some more hemp definition details. The reason that hemp can be used for so many different things is that it has some remarkable similarities to marijuana. For instance, both marijuana and hemp contain what is called “THC”, or tetrahydrocannabinol. But there are some differences in the way the two substances behave within the body.

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Because of the similarity between what is hemp and marijuana, it may be easier to understand why hemp is often used as a produce for the food market. Hemp has some of the same properties and taste associated with marijuana, including the ability to grow with little water or care for growing plants in areas that are hot and cold. It is also thought that hemp has healing properties; in fact, it has been used for centuries to treat everything from rheumatoid arthritis to cancer. Because of these properties, some doctors believe that hemp is effective against some forms of cancer.

A Problem

The only real problem with certified hemp seeds is that they are not yet grown on a large scale in the US. Farmers who grow large amounts of hemp will probably face stiff penalties if they are caught growing it, because it has never been legalized. In some parts of the country, farmers may be able to use hemp seed to help their crops grow, but this practice is still somewhat illegal. Even in places where hemp is legal, the crop may not be easy to harvest, meaning that it may take years before the crop becomes commonplace.


The other side of what is hemp is that it can be grown from the seed. Seeds do not grow very big – about the same size as a golf ball. However, some companies have managed to grow small amounts of what is hemp over the last few decades, and now sell the seedling to established farmers for a relatively affordable price. The seedlings are easier to grow than the plants that would otherwise grow, meaning that farmers have more control over the quality of what is hemp grown. These seedlings are often used for what is hemp bran, but the raw material itself is still relatively rare.

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In some places, what is hemp is seen as a way to get high prices on things like paper and clothing. In other places, the substance is just something to be used for its healing properties. Either way, hemp continues to grow in popularity, and is considered a better choice than traditional plant-based materials. Growing and using hemp has obvious benefits, and the future of what is hemp looks bright. It may take a few years for this new trend to become widely accepted, but it will happen eventually.

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