Top Tips For Decorating Your Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is a commonplace home improvement project, but when it comes to decorating a loft, it can pose a number of challenges, compared to say, decorating a normal room.  So if you’ve gone to the effort and expense of getting a loft conversion, it makes sense to finish it off nicely with decent decor.  Here are some top tips to get your started.


Plan your colour schemes

A loft is different to any room in the house because it’s likely to have different shaped walls and ceiling, and the levels of light entering the room may not be the same.  So, you need to bear this in mind before you start considering decor and design for your loft.  Although you can take the basic principles of decorating as you would for any room, you’ll need to adjust them for these considerations.


It’s often best to stick to neutral colours when it comes to decorating a loft, especially if you’ve got to get to grips with slanting roofs and beams.  But that’s not to say you can’t be a little more playful when it comes to the walls.  Having a bold accent wall in the loft can make it look unique and interesting, so don’t be afraid to experiment.  Try to avoid using a mish-mash of colours, textures and styles, though, as it might become over-powering.


You’ll probably have a lot of ceiling and wall space in your attic, so do think wisely how you want them to look.  Get some tester pot paints in to experiment with shades and colours.  You might find painting ceilings in the attic rather cumbersome, so it’s worth sticking to a shade that will give you longevity, rather than one that will go out of fashion quickly.

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Consider how the colours will work with other aspects of the loft, including the furniture and furnishings you choose to have in there, what you plan to put over any windows and what you want to do with the floors.


Bear in mind also what you intend to use the loft conversion room for.  Will it be a bedroom for an adult or child?  Will it be a teenager’s den?  A study or work area?  The use of the room will reflect the decor you decide to choose.



Your loft conversion might suffer from low natural light levels, even if you have skylights, so enhance what natural light you have in there by opting for light and airy decor and shades.  Avoid dark colours as they will make the space seem smaller.  Use reflective paints and wallpaper to give an increased sense of light.  Add mirrors to walls to also reflect light and space back into the room.  Consider what lights you choose to have in the attic.  Spotlights can be dotted around the room to add style and allow you to focus on task areas.


Define your space

A loft conversion can result in a large space, which is great on the one hand, but on the other, it can make a room feel a bit overwhelming.  The key to this, is to break the attic into defined areas.  For example, you could have an area for chilling out with a coffee table and beanbags or other comfy chairs.  You could have another area for working.  Another area for sleeping.  Use different design and decor principles to help define these areas you want to create in your attic.

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