WWWhat? The top ten strangest things you can buy online.

In today’s ultra-connected, virtual world you can buy anything and everything online. Ebay means the world is your very own car boot sale to rummage through – so whether you’re looking for a potato that looks like Jesus or a first edition classic novel, you’ll probably find it. Someone even sold their whole life online – house, car, job, CD collection, even the contents of their fridge.  Now that’s something you wouldn’t expect to put into your virtual shopping cart! And here are a few more…


Top ten things you wouldn’t expect to buy online


Live creatures – from live ladybirds to wiggly worms you can buy all sorts of crazy critters online. Including these live mealworms, delivered to your door by the postman, who may wonder why your package is moving around quite so much.

A helicopter – (or any aircraft for that matter!). At Aero Trader you can buy or sell Helicopters, planes, jets, ultralight or military aircraft and much, much more. The only question is, do they post it or fly it to you?!


By Forest Service Northern Region under CC BY 2.0


A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit – Obviously one for everyone’s wish list. You know, for the uprising that’s sure to happen! No? Well just in case then. It’s the only way to protect yourself from the undead – it’s super compact and lightweight and contains everything you need to fight off a blood-dripping, flesh-eating corpse. Just what you always wanted.

Bricks. Lego bricks, of course. Stickle bricks? Totally. But house bricks? Really? At www.brickhunter.com – you’ll find the largest directory of bricks in the UK and because of this, the site is often used as a reference point for the building trade. They can even match bricks from a photo of your house.  And don’t worry – you won’t have to put the UPS guy’s back out – you can get next day nationwide delivery via lorry or crane.

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Crocodile meat – as well as plenty of other exotic meats including Ostrich, Kudu, Springbok, Zebra, Bison, Caribou, Wild Boar and Kangeroo. Now that’s a BBQ!

Llamas – apparently they’re great guard dogs, and great lawn mowers too. You might get a few strangle looks from the neighbours though.  And the delivery driver!


By GrahamPics1 under CC BY 2.0


A round of beers for your mates – whilst they’re in the pub. A fantastic new site called BYMAD (Buy Your Mate A Drink) lets you buy a round for your mates – even if you’re sat at your desk. A great way to get a round in if you’re running late, or simply treat a mate to a pint when you can’t make it.

A snake – believe it or not there are plenty of places to buy snakes (and almost any other reptile you can think of) on the internet. Exotic-pets.co.uk is just one such online petshop. Most are hand delivered by TNT (lucky for the delivery guy or gal!) and, so they don’t go hungry, live food for your new pet can even be delivered by your usual postie!

Sperm – Yes, you read that right. You really can buy the little guys online and they can be shipped worldwide (which means they may have seen more of the world than you have!). However, this is not for a DIY project – delivery can only be made to a doctor or clinic registered and approved for fertility treatment.


By D. Miller under CC BY 2.0


A UK army tank – when the army has finished with it, what do they do? Sell it online of course. Genuine tanks (with their weapons removed) can be bought.

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