Top 4 Retirement Gifts

Making a decision on what to give somebody for their retirement can be difficult. Depending on the nature of your relationship, it can be tricky to judge how fun or familiar the gift should be. Circumstances within the workplace can also differ – will the business be presenting the retiree with a plaque for their service? An expensive watch? Perhaps they can expect nothing at all from the company itself, and will be focusing on the gifts given to them by their colleagues, with whom they have built up a relationship over the years. It could even be that you don’t work with this person, but you want to commemorate their retirement nevertheless. Read on for a few helpful hints.


A Gift Card to a Local Establishment

This is a great gift idea for those who weren’t close enough to the retiree to choose a more personal item. It can also be the best option for a group of colleagues who want to team up and collectively wish the departing worker well, as with larger teams, it is unlikely that everybody in the office knew them to the same degree. Gift cards can be particularly apt where there is a local restaurant or other business where employees tended to gather after work – by paying for a meal or two there, you’re paying tribute to the years that the retiring person spent as part of the team.


By FutUndBeidl under CC BY 2.0
By FutUndBeidl under CC BY 2.0


Evening Classes

Following retirement, we are left with a large gap in our days. Though most people will probably have a few plans for their activities as a retiree, it’s always going to be true that they will have more free time. What better gift than a way to fill that time with a new hobby, or encouragement to rediscover an old one? Evening classes can be a great way to show that you’re thinking about the individual concerned. Top choices include cooking and language classes. The latter will surely come in handy during all the traveling they’ll have time for!

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A Drink

Not just any drink, of course. It has long been a tradition in certain professions to give a bottle of expensive scotch to departing colleagues. Obviously, you can vary this according to the individual involved, and could choose wine, craft beer, or some other tipple. Not only will this be pleasant to drink in its own right, but it could be reserved for a special occasion when the recipient can look back fondly at their time with the company.


Charity Fundraising

Finally, one great gift idea is to make a donation to the retiree’s favorite charity on their behalf. This can be perfect for those who are difficult to buy for or who are set to live very comfortably in their retirement, as it recognises them for their service whilst supporting a worthy cause. If the whole team pools their money, it might even be possible to present more personal proof of the gift. For example, if the money raised was sufficient to purchase a computer for a school in a developing country, you might be able to give the retiree a letter of thanks or a photo from the school.