5 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

When we’re deep in relationships and we know something is wrong, it can be difficult to know whether it’s time to call it quits or talk it over – again. Breaking up with someone is never an easy decision because you’ve likely spent a large portion of your life with your significant other. However, if you have that sinking feeling that you’re not happy and it won’t change, it could be time to cut your losses. With that in mind, we will look through the most common signifiers that it’s time to walk away.

Your Friend’s Keep Checking In

Your friends are there to look out for you, and more times than not, they know when something is wrong before you do. What your friends think about your partner is important to you, and you don’t want them to treat that person any differently – so you make up excuses about working late and being tired. However, they will be relentless and carry on pressing until you break. If you keep lying to your friends about what’s going on, perhaps it’s time to reassess the situation.

Unfortunately, there are cases where your friends won’t have the opportunity to talk to you – because an abusive partner has isolated you. If you feel something is really wrong, this article on what to look for in abusive relationships will be helpful, as it’s not always physical abuse.

Gut Feelings

When you know, you know. There doesn’t have to be any foul play here, but sometimes you just know in your gut that it’s over. Maybe you choose to go out with your friends more often than before or you don’t remember that special anniversary you used to fuss over. When things don’t feel right inside, the chances are that they’re not. In this case, you should prepare yourself to talk about leaving.

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Goodbye Sex Life

When you first get together with a partner, your sex life was probably full of passion. However, as time goes on and you get caught up in a routine, the romance goes and so does the quantity of sex. However, you will still know that the other person is interested in you. If the relationship is gearing up for termination, the chances are that at least one of you has completely lost interest in sex.

You’re More Interested in Others

Holding hands with the signal above, you’re just more interested in other people. We all change in life, so you’re allowed to find interest in different people over time. If you find this is happening, have an adult conversation and walk away – don’t become another cheat statistic.

No Future Talk

If you’re no longer looking forward to the future – together – it might be time to walk away. If you’re not discussing mutual plans for what comes next, this is a huge red flag. If you were both in this for the long haul, you would be capable of discussing the future, even if you don’t agree.

Breaking up is never easy but knowing what to look for goes a long way. Trust your gut and do what needs to be done.