4 Eco-Friendly Hobbies You Can Start Today

With spring just around the corner, people are beginning to plan what they’ll spend time doing during the first warm months of the year. From gardening and cleaning to hiking and exercise, millions of people will emerge from their 21st century forms of hibernation to enjoy new activities. Not all hobbies and past-times are created equally when it comes to the environmental footprint that they leave. Many people are looking for ways in which to have fun, stay in shape and be good stewards of the planet we all share. To get you ready for the coming spring and summer, we’ve laid out a list of four eco-friendly hobbies you can start preparing for and doing today!


If you want to enjoy all that nature has to offer without disrupting the ecosystem with pollutants, chemicals, or other artificial problems, then hiking may be a great hobby to consider. Even though spring is not here yet, hiking is a past-time that many enjoy year round, so you can absolutely get started today. Grab a pair of tactical boots or hiking boots, find a hill, natural park or other organic locale, and set forth on a new and exciting journey into the woods, forests and crevasses of Mother Nature!

Recycled Artistry

Reclaiming old materials isn’t just a good way to save money on a vital home improvement project: it’s an excellent solution for inspiring others with art! Recycled artistic projects can be fun and good for the environment. You’ll keep useful materials out of landfills, rivers and roadsides at the same time that you’ll be having fun creating a variety of interesting decorations and projects. There are many beautiful recycled art projects to consider if you need inspiration on how to get the most out of dozens of different recycled and reclaimed materials.

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Thrift Shopping

With more clothing waste in the world than ever before and lower quality garments being in high demand, we replace our clothes way too often. Despite many people wanting to go shopping for brand new clothes, there are many quality items waiting for you at thrift shops and consignment stores around the neighborhood. By perusing these outlets and popping some tags, you can find brand name clothing for a fraction of the price of new selections, and you’ll be reducing demand for new clothes. Did you know that the clothing industry is the second biggest polluter worldwide?

Grow Something

Mother Nature needs all the help it can get these days, so why not do your part in growing something around the house? Whether you decide to grow a garden and minimize your shopping footprint with fresh fruits and vegetables, or you decide to plant a few new trees in and around the yard, you can contribute to the ecological diversity in your own neighborhood in a number of ways. Plants help to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen – one of the biggest ways you can be eco-friendly in today’s pollution-packed world is by minimizing the amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere!

Let us know how you plan to get active and be eco-friendly in the comments below!