Top 10 uses for a clothes steamer around the home

Many households own a clothes steamer, but few get as much value out of them as they could do.  A little imagination can drastically increase the uses a steamer offers.  Here are ten of the best:


  1. Removing creases from clothes – It may seem obvious, but a clothes steamer is very effective at its primary task.  As a simple alternative to ironing, steaming clothes can be very appealing for those who hate the job with a passion.  It is quicker than using an iron and can often be kinder to delicate fabrics.


  1. Removing smells – As well as taking creases out of fabrics, steamers can also reduce unpleasant smells.  This means they can be used as a simple way to extract musty smells from carpets and doormats.


  1. Keeping curtains looking great – Curtains are another often neglected fabric in the home.  Using a clothes steamer is a great way to give them a new lease of life without having to take them down and get them cleaned.


  1. Improving the appearance of bedding – Bedding can easily become crumpled each night, but no one wants to remove and iron it on a daily basis.  Steaming it is a quick way to keep it looking neat and feeling fresh.


  1. Cleaning mattresses – Why stop at the bedding?  Mattresses rarely get a good cleaning, so using a clothes steamer on one can have a real positive effect.  It is also claimed that the heat and moisture may be effective at killing dust mites.  As some people are allergic to dust mites this is a useful function.
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  1. Removing creases from tricky items – Heavily decorated items, as well as shirts with lots of buttons on them, can be a real challenge to iron properly.  A steamer removes the need to negotiate a cumbersome iron around the various obstacles on clothes.  It also makes it easier to quickly remove creases from a shirt in the morning before setting off for work.


  1. Saving time cleaning sports kits – Those people who are in charge of their local football team’s kits can use clothes steamers to make light work of quickly removing creases from a huge pile of clothing.


  1. Cleaning the car – Cleaning mats and seats in the car can be a time consuming process.  A steamer can drastically reduce the time and energy involved and can ensure an individual can freshen even the trickiest to reach spots.


  1. Removing creases from socks – It may be excessive, but there is no better feeling than slipping on a pair of clean, fresh socks.  A steamer makes achieving this harmless pleasure viable on a daily basis.


  1. Avoiding usage odours – Many irons leave a tell-tale smell behind after usage that can be very annoying.  A steamer can remove these and can be used on any fabric without leaving any trace of an odour.


The versatility of clothes steamers makes them attractive products to have around the house.  While they are especially useful for people who hate the job of ironing, the number of uses they have should never be underestimated.

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