Why Running Shoes Differ From Walking Shoes

Why Running Shoes Differ From Walking Shoes

One should never use a running shoe for walking. This is because the design and structure of the different shoe types have been modeled to reflect the nature of the sporting activity that they are being used for. Shoes that are used for running have distinct features from shoes that are used for walking.

None of the shoes should be used interchangeably for the different sporting activities. The following characteristics exist in the different shoe types.



Running shoes have a much heavier cushioning than the walking shoes. This is because as the runners are engaged in the activities, they tend to impact the ground with a much heavier weight than when walking. This weight can be as high as two times the body weight depending on the speed of the runner.

Due to the high impact that they have on the ground, they need higher cushioning on the heel portion of the shoes than the shoes of their walking counterparts. The higher cushion you have on the heels of your shoes, the less force you will feel when you “hit” the ground running.

Another feature that running shoes have is the cushioning can also be concentrated on the front of the shoe since that is also the place that touches the ground first. The increase in cushioning adds extra weight on the shoes, and for this reason, it may not be good to use running shoes for walking shoes that as this may slow you as you walk.

Walking shoes have cushioning concentrated on the back and center of the shoes. This means that people keen to walk should look for shoes that are light so as not to feel as if their feet are being dragged.

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The flexibility of the running shoes is also different from that of the walking shoes. For the running shoes, when you hold the shoes and try to press it on the ground firmly as you bend it, you will find that the shoes will flex on the mid foot. This is because that is where you will likely flex your leg when you are running.

For the walking shoes, you will realize that the shoe will flex at the front. This is because that is the point that will flex when you are walking.


Heel Height 

The height of the heels for the shoes of runners is quite different from the height of the heels of walking shoes. For the runners, you will find that they will strike the ground from the front of their heel to the middle as they run. For this reason, you will find that the height of their shoes is quite high.

On the other hand, walkers strike the ground with the back of their heel. This makes the heel of their shoes to be slightly shorter when compared to the running shoes.

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