Storage Solutions for All Situations

Self storage can simply be defined as a facility in a warehouse type building, available for storage, where you can walk-in to hire or lease a space to keep your belongings for certain period of time. What are the possible situations when you can utilize self storage? The sheer explosion in number of self storage facilities in last few years is evident of the fact that these are being used by an enormous number of people for a number of uses on various occasions.


From a homemaker to a student to a business owner, no one misses the chance to take advantage of self storage facilities. Household items like old furniture, excessive kitchenware, decorative stuff can be easily stored in these facilities, whereas, businesses can store old files, furniture, or make use of it as a transit place while moving offices. While moving a home, storage can come in handy. Here are a few other uses of a storage facility:


Constructing A New House

By Hankwang (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
By Hankwang (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

The construction of your new home is on and the lease of previous home is over, the construction may take 2 to 3 months. New lease to the rented house would be ready for no less than 6 months. You can shift to your parents’ house or to your friend’s for a while, but where would your stuff go? You have an answer, it is self storage. Self storage would welcome you and may have good discounts for those who are planning to keep their stuff for more than a month. If you are not sure about the time, then you can hire the storage unit for a month and you can extend it later.

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Storing RV’s, Caravan and Boats


If you love road cruising, beaching, holidaying, then for sure you have one of these.  Since your garage is preoccupied by the cars, where would your securely park these? You cannot lend the garage space of car to the boats and RV’s as you need your car every day. Of course, you have an option of garaging them into the self storage facilities. You can completely rely on the self storage facility regarding the security as self storage units are usually provided with 24 hour security services with surveillance cameras, burglar alarms and some other security gadgets to ensure security and safety of the cars and other vehicles and belongings. There are supervisors and many other security professionals also available on site to take care of the facility.


While buying new property


Property buyers are heading towards investing in property that is less cluttered and more functional. So don’t hesitate to invest a little if you are in the mood to sell your old property at a good price and with higher returns. De-cluttering or renovating your house may require storing the items in the self storage and for this purpose you can also hire services of self storage companies.




If you are travelling out of the country for a long time and need a place where you can securely put store your expensive stuff. You can keep your valuables in the self storage facilities. The full time surveillance at self storage will ensure that your stuff remains safe. The security features at a self storage facility are way better and much ahead of what you have available at your home. You can relax and enjoy every bit of your journey.

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Many expats who have found golden opportunities to work in England and prefer living here to earn fortunes. They are residing everywhere in Kent, Bath, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Wiltshire even in Scotland and Wales. But there are times when they leave the city to visit their families back home. For that particular period they do feel the requirement of using a storage facility so as they can store their expensive articles and jewelries and many other stuff which they think require high surveillance. They can lock up all their stuff at a storage unit and save on the expensive rent of accommodation, which they’d be otherwise paying without using the place.