Healing Through Spiritual Medicine

Spiritual medicine can help us heal when other solutions do not work

If other treatments didn’t work, we can still try a hypothetical treatment, as a last solution and not only: spirituality. Spirituality involves people who are in a permanent connection with divinity and search answers concerning our purpose in life. Religious people fit in a different category. Religion is a set of ideas formed in order to understand divinity.

A person can be spiritual without being religious. George Bernard Show used to say that there is only one religion, even though there are a hundred versions of it. The first advisors regarding health were the priests. Furthermore, The Bible is full of descriptions of miraculous healings. Many religious groups still kept the tradition of healing alive. Religions, faith and spirituality have important roles in the healing process and more importantly, in the predictions, the fight with the disease and the quality of care, because they are all part of the spiritual treatment – mind, body and soul.

Many studies made during the last decades show that if you have a certain spiritual discipline, you can be healthier. The benefits of spiritual practices over your heath are so profound, that the science people started to study what are the differences between health and spirituality. The studies show that meditation and prayer can change our cerebral activity and can improve our immune system. Also, spiritual practices can reduce the pulse and blood pressure, both reducing our body’s response to stress factors. Hospitalized people who don’t use any spiritual practice have longer periods of recovery compared to the ones who practice such activities. In average, the difference of these two categories is three times faster for the ones who meditate or pray.

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What’s the common ground of these things? Some forms of religious practice lead to a healthier lifestyle. The results concluded that there is a huge healing power in spirituality.

There are also proofs that spirituality improves the mental health. According to statistics, there are less suicides among the people who meditate, because they don’t see it as a solution. The number of suicides among the ones who don’t believe in anything is four times higher. We might conclude that religion plays an important role in the reduction of destructive behaviors, like alcohol and drugs abuse.

Furthermore, not only spirituality prevents abusive behaviors, but also promotes positive life experiences that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Any therapy or diet can be inefficient on a toxic emotional ground. We basically heal ourselves with medicine, but poison ourselves with emotions. The point is that if we have a healthy mind and soul, we’ll heal faster. So, everything that happens in our inside manifests on our outside. There is no strange coincidence that we see more and more people who get sick because of stress.

We are what we think. Accept it or not, our organism reflects at a physical level our thoughts and emotions. So what do we have to do in order to heal ourselves?

  1. Identify the interior problems

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it exists. Without awareness, it’s like fighting with something invisible, which means you have no chance. This is why you need to find more about your problems and try to be sincere. Keep in mind that there is no worst enemy than yourself.

  1. Heal them

When we work with ourselves, we try to change ourselves, not to destroy. For example, if you have a headache, you try to heal your head, not to cut it. It’s the same thing with emotions. Remember that all the suppressed emotions will eventually come out.

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There are different ways to deal with your suppressed emotions. Be aware of everything you think, speak or do – always. This requires daily practice. Try to give the useless thoughts up and imagine that everything you think can be heard. It will help you keep a clean mind. After that, try to write down everything you feel. It’s important to release everything that was left unsaid that day.

Find a person you can trust and build a strong connection. After that, try to make a personal relation with divinity. Imagine there is a being that loves us and wants the best for us.

Sport and any other physical activity helps as well. This is how our body is projected.

Make positive affirmations. Autosuggestion is extremely powerful.

Dr. John Cristopher, a well known specialist in plants medicine said that there is no disease impossible to cure, only individuals impossible to heal.