The Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi by Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi is a highly renowned Indian sage that is loved by people of all religions, including Taoists, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists alike. He is highly respected for the power that his teachings have, all transcending religious differences. “The Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi” is a collection of his discourses and instructions, all renowned and summed up with “Who Am I?”, which is included in the book.

Teachings gathered from Ramana Maharshi are arranged best on topics like silence and solitude, work and renunciation, discipline and self-inquiry or peace and happiness. When you read this book you are faced with a Q&A format that evokes that feeling of being, all with an outstanding teacher. You basically get to open the door to some of the really intimate teaching sessions he had in the past.

What Do People Say About The Book?

Obviously, this is the type of book that you will either love or hate. However, if we are to analyze most of the reviews written by readers online, it is quite clear that the vast majority say that this is a really good book you are going to appreciate. This is summed up by a 4.5 stars review on Goodreads, which is quite hard to get given the fact that hundreds of people read it.

One of the things that do stand out is that many readers say that the book is hard to read. This is because of it being a “cocktail” of spirituality and philosophy. Everything is presented in such a simple way that it becomes quite hard to properly digest. There is a pretty good possibility that someone recommended you the book and already told you that it is the type of read you want to go through properly. Many that read it end up re-reading it numerous times and they find out many different things every single time.

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The story of Ramana Maharshi is not one that is new. At a tender age he simply relinquished all belongings and possessions, his family and basically everything in order to be completely reborn, start a brand new life. This is exactly what he did. Contrary to popular belief, he did not write books. People were writing down what he said in his teachings and so many of the important teachings he offered were completely silent. If you are feeling down, this is the type of book that will point out many different things in a really simple way, offering you a new view on life.

You may also want to know that readers often say that this is the last spirituality or personal growth book that they had to read until they understood what life is all about. With such a presentation you can clearly understand why the reviews are positive.

Obviously, some people did not appreciate what was written. This is not necessarily because of the teachings in most situations. Reviews highlight that the connection was just not achieved at a personal level, which can always happen with such a “heavy” book.

Final Thoughts

The Spiritual Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi is one of those books you want to go through at least once if you are interested in self-growth, spirituality and development. You might not like it but you will surely find some really valuable lessons that will help you on the long run.