Spiritual Places With The Strongest Energy Fields In The World

There are many places in this world where the energy is so strong that you will feel connected with the divine. If you are sensitive and you want to actually feel that strong connection or if you are simply curious about how that connection feels like, here are the main spiritual places that you want to visit all around the world, those that have really strong energy fields.

Rila – Bulgaria

Out of all the energy locations that we mention below, this is the one that is most likely a huge surprise for you. This is a mountain range that stands out as a huge energy center. This is not by accident. The location is connected to Beinsa Duno, a Bulgarian spiritual master, one of the greatest in the twentieth century. Rila is where he chose to transmit wisdom. You will feel really strong energy around the lakes of Rila and you can easily expect to have some pretty strange dreams here.

Machu Picchu – Peru

The Incas lost city is renowned all around the world for the energy it offers and the spiritual connection that one can achieve with the divine world. Machu Picchu was built by the Incas in a special location that is really high up in the Andes. You end up in a location that channels energy and that allows you to feel that you simply belong in an entirely different world.

Uluru Plateau – Australia

Editorial credit: tomasz karwowski / Shutterstock.com

This place is located right in the middle of the continent, being Australia’s spiritual center. According to locals and visitors, you end up feeling the energy really fast after you reach the destination. We are faced with a hollow plateau that is locally called Tiukurpa, which means dreamtime. There are many ancient tribes that stayed in the area and this led towards many different energy accumulations. Spiritual visions are quite common when you are in the Uluru Plateau.

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Easter Island

Most people do not know this place. We are talking about one of the really isolated locations of the world, a home for some pretty huge statues. What is interesting is that scientists cannot tell you who made those statues. The entire island is basically a mystery. 53 stone houses form a village that is not inhabited. These homes have no doors or windows and the huge mystery is connected to Navel Of The World. This is a circular stone that is said to hold the secrets of our universe as it collects most of the spiritual energy lines of our planet.

Berat – Albania

This place is a really important part of Albania’s architecture. Berat is now a UNESCO protected site, a combination of western and eastern traditions, customs and culture. A connection between culture and religion is automatically felt when you visit and if you decide to go there, you will feel the strong spiritual healing energy present.


We cannot talk about the spiritual energy places of the world without mentioning Stonehenge. This is definitely the most famous of all these locations, located in Wiltshire, UK, right in the Salisbury Plain. Nobody really knows what the structure was used for but there are connections with various cults and agricultural population.

Bosnian Pyramids

According to carbon analysis, these pyramids have been around before the Neolithic period. We are talking about over 12,000 years, making them even older than the well-known Egyptian pyramids. What is quite interesting is that right under this place you will find a blue lake and many underground rooms. The water of the lake is 100% clear, free of any negative presence, making it a water that is said to fully purify your body, with strong healing properties.

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