Some Interesting And Creative Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen is perhaps the most important part of any home after living and drawing rooms. No matter how well arranged and decorated your home is, if your kitchen is in tatters the house will not be able to impress the visitors. As a fact of matter, a well maintained and beautiful kitchen will not only make your life easy but will also add elegance and value to your beloved home.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

Following lines elaborate some of the most important things to consider while planning for kitchen remodeling. That is why we so often see it in commercial kitchens.

  • Using Quality Materials:

This sounds quite common but choosing quality material for renovation is absolutely necessary. For instance, high standard drawer’s slides and hinges will ensure that drawers do not stick and cabinet doors remain closed. Therefore, you should try not to buy cabinets made up of particle board or that those are stapled together. In this regard wood veneer is always more durable than particle board, laminate, melamine and MDF.

  • Cabinet Heights:

Keep you cabinets as high as your ceiling as they will offer you extra storage allowing you to hand your favorite artworks such as a digital canvas printing on empty walls.  Furthermore, you can also put open shelves on additional space available enabling you to keep your kitchen in apple pie order.

  • Decide Between Paint or Stain:

Although, stained wood furniture has been in vogue for ages yet it dates very quickly and not easily alterable either. On the other hand, brushes painted cabinets are long lasting, paint is easily replaceable and they offer much more choices and varieties to choose from.

  • The Elegance of Countertop:
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Apart from cabinets, another indispensible part of kitchen is countertop and you have to make it as elegant as possible. In this regarding combining Carrara marble (honed or acid washed and sealed) with stained wood will enhance the warmth and the beauty of the kitchen. If you want to make countertop bit more sophisticated, you can also use Wiarton limestone, honed kirkstone slate, soapstone or plastic laminate with a wooden edge.

  • Installing a Working Island:

While placing a cube in the middle of the room, beware that the island offers an open and airy looks. In most idle situation, the island should not be clustered by kitchen appliances. If however, you want to place things lick dishwashing sink combo or cooktop on the cube, always try to maintain the light looks of a laggy harvest table.

  • Do not Go for Deep Details:

Design patterns like hanging picture canvas prints and plaster moldings and pediments over stoves can create a dashing ambiance. However, always try to avoid overdoing details as the more complex the decoration is more grotesque will kitchen become. Furthermore, always keep the theme of your kitchen compatible with rest of the home.

  • Use Basic Appliances:

Instead for going for plethora of appliances and gadgets, stick to some elegant and reliable ones those are actually needed. For example, rather than purchasing separate wall ovens and a cooktop, you should select a commercial quality stainless steel range as it covers less space and is more convenient to use as well.


Finally, you should try to add interest in your kitchen by finding unique yet enchanting furniture. Moreover, try to keep kitchen surface simpler and easy to wash to avoid maintenance cost.

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