Meditation Methods For Stress

About stress and its effects

In our run for success and personal development, we tend to pay attention to our mind and completely forget about our body and soul. This leads to stress and stress leads to so many harmful effects, that it will get really hard to stop it. It is just like a carousel that keeps spinning faster and faster. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get out.

Instead of going forward as we want to, we are held back by our thoughts and worries that will later manifest as a disease. Stress is one of the biggest reasons of diseases in our century. The stress factors do not cause any disease, but they are responsible for the aggravating of certain states, like allergies, asthma, migraines, eczemas and so on. Furthermore, stress will contribute to the raise of arterial pressure and cardio-vascular problems.

To avoid those situations, there are some methods you could use to improve your reactions to stress:


Our endocrine, nervous and digestive systems are the most affected because of stress and research has proved that yoga is proper to improve the function of it. While practicing, yoga, we stretch our muscles and massage our organs. Those exercises, if they are practiced correctly, balance our body, fill us with energy and give us a state of interior peace. The benefits of yoga are multiple, many conditions can disappear and we will learn replace stress with the capacity of overcoming problems easier.

Tai ChiTai Chi

Tai Chi is not a very popular technique, but it is extremely benefic for relaxation. And what is the best way to fight stress other than being relaxed? The Chinese believe that our body is crossed by an energy called “Qi” or “Chi”. In Chinese medicine, it is considered that this energy is responsible for being healthy. The technique is quite simple. You need to pay attention at your breath and think of the present. Tai Chi also uses body movements that implicate muscles. Those two combined can fight stress and tiredness.

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This is the easiest technique and it can be applied by anyone. Most mediation technique use breathing as a method of being focused and stop thinking of problems. Besides, breathing can be used in your car, in an office without too much effort and without drawing attention. Breath is controlled by muscles and it can make us aware of our relationship with ourselves. Paying attention at our breath, at the way we inspire and expire, we can help ourselves in time to react better to stress and problems. Even more, it will help us improve the way we breathe. A good exercise is to inspire while counting to 7, keep the air inside for 4 seconds and expire while counting to 8. The purpose is to become aware of the way be breathe and in this way we stop thinking about our problems.

meditationHow does meditation work?

Meditation meets psychology, personal development and they influence each other. Meditation is one of the most important techniques that help us manage stress. By doing this, we gain psychic equilibrium, which leads to the improvement of our health, our thoughts and our relationship with ourselves.

Besides meditation, a healthier lifestyle can also help you fight with stress. Whenever you can, don’t forget to practice sport. Exercises will help you get rid of the stress hormones from our blood and stimulate the release of endorphins (happiness hormones). Stop drinking too much coffee. It is indicated to replace as much coffee as you can with teas and of course, at least 8 glasses of water a day.

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We are humans, stress is normal and obviously, we can never fight it 100%. The best technique that will help you is the one that relaxes you the most. Stop thinking about your problems for a while and just try to relax. For starters, try listening to this: