Perfect bedroom for a newly married couple

Perfect bedroom for a newly married couple

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The well balanced bedroom décor is always a dream wish of everyone. Especially when you are getting married your basic focus is on the bedroom décor. This is because the personal bedroom is the place which is meant to provide you a comfy place to enjoy your moments in a memorable way. This is possible only if you have planned the room décor is an appropriate way which matches up the personality traits of both the individuals.

While decorating a room for a couple the basic factor to keep in mind is that there should be a perfect combination of functionality, décor and romance. Every single item should be affectionate and more appealing to enhance your emotions while sitting together.

It is a fact that when a couple spend a satisfactory time at night they work more energetically in the next morning without any stress or depression an in this the bedroom décor plays a significant role.

Here are some of the points which are essential to decorating a romantic bedroom for newly married couple to let them enjoy their precious moments. Each element which I am going to describe below will show you its participation in making your ambiance affectionate and more loving.


nice bedroom design
By Mazzali under CC BY-SA 2.0


Participation of leather bed:

Leather beds are supposed to be the status symbol commodity because of their luxurious outlook and superb quality. The cozy texture of the upholstered leather bed with an attached classy headboard will enhance the beauty of your room in such an outstanding way that you will not ever wish to stay apart from your partner. The fine layering of comfortable cushioning will let you sleep without any disturbance.  If you are in a habit to sleep over a spacious bed then opt for a white leather beds in king size. This bed can be a perfect focal point for any bedroom. They are available in many amazing colors for a newly married couple you can pick a creamy white color.

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Participation of lighting:

Lightings play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the room. Try to fix dim lights within your space to bedroom as it will add up a comforting feeling. With dim yellow lights you can make your room a cozy cocoon to enjoy a perfect sleep at night.


Participation of colors:

Colors speak their distinctive language; every color has its own effect which places a great impact on your mood. Mostly red color is supposed to be the most affectionate and passionate one and is most commonly added to a newly married couple’s room. But, in my point of view you cannot limit your thoughts to just one thing. You can also put hand on the creamy white with a combination of silvery gray. It will surely add up an alluring ambiance along with giving a spacious look to your room.


Amazing bedroom
By Daniela under CC BY 2.0


Participation of curtains:

To let your partner feel a sense of security and comfort keep the openings on your covered with the help of curtains. The curtains should be heavy and not see through so that you could sleep comfortably at night. The color you choose for the curtains should be in combination with the entire bedroom theme.


Participation of accessories:

The room décor is truly incomplete and dull without accessories. Fix a couple of wall hangings with an artistically framed design. You can even hang any of the 3d wall décor it will also enhance the beauty of the room. Apart from this you can fill up your dresser with your small belongings like perfumes and cosmetics. Place a vase filled with fresh flowers over the side table.

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Hence, the room should be highly comfortable and smartly designed to have an outstanding time with your loved one.



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