Six Ways Technology Makes Your Life Easier

Technology makes our lives better in so many ways. Sometimes we get frustrated and want to toss our electronics across the room, but technology benefits most of us far more than it frustrates us. Here are five ways that technology helps us live smarter and breathe easier.



Many patients have had a better experience with their doctors because of technology. Rural doctors now have the ability to communicate with the top physicians in their field in real-time. This ability to communicate allows patients to benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced physician without having to travel hundreds of miles to meet the doctor in person. This technology is especially beneficial to doctors who are helping patients recover from injuries sustained during the earthquake in Haiti.



Tablets are one of the most popular electronic devices. They are large enough to be useful, while still being very portable and easy to carry in a purse or briefcase. A tablet can be used as a book, educational tool, gaming device, magazine, computer and more. Tablets are also great for the environment, as they greatly reduce the need for paper, books and other supplies.


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Asking a stranger for directions is becoming a thing of the past as more people rely on technology to help them navigate through the streets or find the right bus to get where they need to go. Using a GPS with spoken directions allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road and not try to read a map while they are driving down the interstate.

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Business Solutions

Businesses used to waste time and money guessing what their customers wanted and how to best serve them. Companies like Mindshare Technologies utilize the power of technology to share real-time feedback from consumers with companies so they can provide better service and grow with their customers without the guesswork that used to plague companies. Text analytics is one of the fastest and most advanced ways that businesses get feedback from their customers.


Managing Resources

Technology has also benefited infrastructure and helped cities and towns manage their resources more efficiently. Water, transportation and other basic services have greatly benefited from technological advances and are likely to benefit even more in the future. Technology has helped the world to become more environmentally friendly, in some ways. For example, because of technology, people are using a lot less paper. Instead, they are using the Internet and word processing programs to hold their information. In addition, computers and smartphones have helped to make wall calendars all-but-obsolete.


Merging Products and Services

Technology has allowed people to borrow more of the things they need instead of purchasing them, which decreases the amount of resources they use everyday. Hardware stores are still around, but many of them have also become tool libraries that allow customers to borrow the tools they don’t use frequently. Some neighborhoods have even devised a system of allowing one neighbor to rent items from another so people don’t have to buy and store all their own items.

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