Secret to Capitalize Higher ROI with Personalized Pencils and Pens

Popular specialty items used to create positive impression of a brand are personalized pencils and personalized pens . The most attractive thing about these items – used to propagate and reinforce brand impression for a long period of time – is that they are affordable and effective. However, sometimes it becomes a daunting task to select the right pen or pencil to broadcast the right message, especially with a wide array of options available in colors, styles, materials, patterns etc. But don’t worry; this article will help in making this task as smooth as possible.

You need to invest time to actually think through your brand positioning, the needs of your audience, and your method of distribution, then you will automatically get the answer which pens will work the best for your company. The leading distributers of the promotional pens online say that the company will get best return from the investment, provided they match the product with the targeted market. For this it is important to know the customer’s likes and dislikes, so that you can choose an appropriate product from this wide collection of styles.

The following points will help you to understand how to choose different pens for different purposes.

Metal or gold plated pens to convey quality

Metal or gold pens are used to convey quality, luxury, economy and style! If the product that you manufacture and/or sell is expensive and high-end, then gold plated pens will be best suited to be used as promotional product. If you are still confused, your distributer’s sales representative can help you pick the right product. You can also refer to the online catalog for ideas to choose upscale products.

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Environment friendly pens to convey sensitivity

You can select a refillable, PVC-free pen which is made from recycled material such as Bic’s environmentally-friendly personalized pens, if your organization actively supports eco-friendly products. Such pens can also be chosen by the companies that can benefit by associating their brand with environment-friendly items.

Custom made products to convey importance

Custom pencils can be handsomely imprinted wooden pencils, or you can choose a metal or plastic-cased mechanical pencil in a host of styles, colors, and points. If you give someone a custom made product it shows that you care and that the receiver is important for the company. This will build a strong faith of the receiver in the company as it proves you have put in much thought over the gift that you have given them.

Safety products to show that you care

It a product that given as a promotional item also affirms that it is been chosen after researching the safety record of the manufacturer and product itself, then it shows to the receiver that you care. Apart from that, it will not be good for the reputation of the company if anybody is harmed by the product. So make sure your pen is safe, by choosing child-friendly BIC Round Stic pens.


Beauty + Function = Good Design - pen
Beauty + Function = Good Design – pen (Photo credit:

Pretty pens for celebrations

If you add a toy like looking pen in the gift box that you distribute during holidays, it will be able to generate a joyful feeling in the receiver. When you connect to the people in such emotional way, they never forget you and in turn you get loyal lifetime customers. For options in such pens you can look at the novelty pens collection from Bic online.

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Tablet and touch screen phone pens

As we are discussing different pens used for different purposes, how can we leave out pens for tablets and smart touch screen phones? With Bic in the promotional pen industry for over forty four years, you can trust their products even when it comes to pens for tablets and smart phones. Try their iStyle Touch Screen Stylus as your next promotional pen and outwit your competitors with this innovative idea.

Method of distribution

The way you distribute your pens or pencils is also very important apart from choosing the right ones. Best suitable place will be a table top promotion in retail outlets, you can also put these pens in goodie bags and distribute to leave a lasting impression. Just keep in mind the need and interest of your target audience and you will get all the answers.

How can promotional pens help in brand building?

  • It gives a good impression of your company to the receiver when he reads the name of your company on the pen.
  • Pen is a very useful product, and used by all age groups so it helps in reaching a wide range of people.
  • Pen is a durable product so a onetime investment can do the promotion for a long time.
  • It is a low cost product at the same time a very effective advertising instrument.
  • You can create a small billboard on the pen, while using it as a promotional item.
  • If you include the contact details on the printing or engraving on pen, it can also serve as a business card.
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Gifting a branded pen or pencil can definitely help in building a positive brand awareness and recall, moreover people like when they receive something extra! Studies have repeatedly shown how promotional products aid in brand recall and faster reorder generation. More studies have confirmed that over fifty percent of the promotional product recipients are using the product daily and also return to do business with the company that gave it to them. Further they reasserted that they had a positive impression of the company that gave promotional items.

Author: Adam Bak – Follow him on Google+.