Romantic Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

Romantic Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

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Any Valentine’s Day dinner needs to be romantic but it might be a little tough if you have no idea what to do. Women love to be cherished and appreciated. Setting the right mood can make a huge difference and the truth is that there are too many men out there that just see the dinner as a way to eventually get to do something else during the night.

You need to put some thought into the dinner and we warmly recommend that you go for one that you plan at home so that you can make it as romantic as possible. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you plan.

Romantic Dinner Decorations

Try to match and mix various pink and red shades in order to have a proper setting. The mood can actually be set with decorations. Go for a nice red rose bouquet, choose elegant china, a red table runner and don’t forget about the candles. It might seem all like a big cliché but it is something that sets the mood.

The Playlist

You cannot have a romantic dinner without a suitable playlist. While this is totally subjective, make sure that you include songs like Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and You Belong To Me by Dean Martin. Maybe there is a special song that means something for the two of you as a couple. Set the atmosphere right and you will find it a lot easier to wow her.


As already mentioned, candlelight is romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Think about using as many as are necessary so that you can see each other but still obtain a dinner table glow. One of the worst things that you can do is have a romantic dinner with the lights turned on. That simply does not work.

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What About The Food?

It would be perfect if you would cook the dinner yourself. That makes quite an impression. If you cannot do this, at least make sure that you will order from a restaurant that is well known for the delicious meals offered. Never forget about desert and remember that some types of wine only go with some dishes. Do a little research so you do not get that wrong!

Recommended Valentine’s Day Starters:

Recommended Valentine’s Day Main Courses:

Recommended Valentine’s Day Desserts:

Something that the woman loves. Do not get creative with the dessert. Pick something that you know she really likes since women do tend to be really picky with that. And do not forget the fact that desserts and food go great with wine. Since it is Valentine’s Day, opt for something special, and lesser-known, like a wine from Accordini Igino Winery.

Don’t Forget About The Written Message

During a Valentine’s Day dinner you want to make the date feel special and it is always recommended that you offer gifts and cards during or after it. The card is always the one that men have problems with. Keep in mind that you can keep it really simple with just one that says I Love You or go for something handmade the tells the story of something funny that happened during your relationship with the woman. No matter what you choose, make sure that it is romantic and that is screams out that you love your dinner date.

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